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In what feels like a surprise move to me, @WizKidsGames is releasing a set of acrylic 2d minis! This initial set covers all the NPCs and monsters in the D&D Essentials Kit. It’s a great affordable alternative to traditional minis and they’re also great for those without a lot of room for mini storage. What do you think about these new 2d minis from Wizkids?

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  1. Could use clear packing tape to protect paint. Just don't cover the peg so it still fits the stand. Or a can of clear acrylic paint maybe, test on a lesser piece 1st. Or nail polish hardener/clear coat whatever it's called.

  2. oof that is a shame about the paint i was curious about these guys but 14 bucks for gfigures that he pain peels THAT easily on is a pass

  3. Oof these looked like a good product especially competitive of skinny mini's but with the product quality doesn't seem good. For about 7 bucks and an hour of your time you could make this in cardstock and tape with penny bases.

  4. That wizard was almost completely out of register as well.
    Hopefully the peeling image was a preproduction issue and not a big issue in the future.

  5. I My thought was not that the paint was wet when they sealed it, but instead it the heat gun or whatever they used to shrink the protective plastic onto it was just too hot and it caused the paint to separate from the acrylic.
    Aside from that, for the price I think it's great for it's intended purpose: something to help newer and/or cash strapped players to get things going.

  6. I like the concept and the price. Being relatively new to hobby I've only recently started picking up miniatures and I'm missing a lot of the enemy/monster types so this could satisfy that itch for a reasonable cost.

    I like the potential durability but I would agree with the general concerns regarding damaging the mini's during removal.

    Just as a random thought as well how recyclable is acrylic plastics? I like the idea of greater durability but what's the associated cost?

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