Facts Only: Who Are The #Greatest in Nigerian Music?

Does ability always equate greatness? Once in a while. But ability has little or nothing to do with greatness.

A lot of talented people do good things in their careers, yet never truly transcend to the level of greatness.

On this episode of Facts Only, we take a look at some of the “Greats” in Nigerian music.
#PulseFactsOnly #MotolaniAlake

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  1. I’d agree this time even though I’d rate P.square’s achievements a little higher.. I think Wizkid is rather on a different level from everyone else! Man’s made far too many hit songs whether featured or singles.. 2face is highly rated just because we simply love the guy and African Queen was globally accepted.. But in terms of consistency Wizkid is definitely a champ.. PSquare definitely had very strong consistent years as well

  2. In my opinion this guy's opinion on wande coal is wrong. Wande coal is one of the greatest musician in Nigeria. Wande is a seasoned hit maker, in mo hit and even afterwards.

  3. In terms of Inpact davido should be here. Davido basically made hit with his first single since then he has been giving us hits back to back for 9 straight years at the same time he has made many big artist. It was basically harder for davido because he was carrying people along his success. You're talking inpact, davido is the first nigerian artist to have 100 million views on youtube. The era of if, fall and fia. That era was soo big dat people forgot a good song like dat which if released now would be a hit

  4. What are yall talking about??
    Psquare wer the guys literally carrying Nigerian Music for nearly a decade ,
    2baba comes next
    Followed by D banj and Don jazzy who showed international boundaries can be breached
    Before guys like wiz n David came on

  5. Please I'd like to get a good reply on the next video you're dropping about this question… Do you think Album is something you drop just like that. If you want to break records and do shits of a good content. A year isn't okay for you to make a good Album. I think you need to work hard for that Album and a year isn't able to do some shit like that.

  6. Placing WizKid & PSquare over 9ce, Asa, Eedris AbdulKareem, Mode9 etc is an insult.
    You equate popularity/clout with craft. Great Music must inform and at the same time entertain, and I can tell you WizKid isn't even better than Davido in this aspect. Dissect their lyrics and see the emptiness in most of the artists you rated.
    You even mentioned albums as a yardstick to measure musical greatness but there are several trash albums out there and still has 'critical acclaims'. The SM has been leveraged a lot by these artists and we've to look beyond the NOISE.
    It's an insult to music generally.

  7. You actually had nothing to say when talking about Dbanj. You chuckled meaning you know he ain't supposed to be there before P-Square

  8. Mr Facts Only, it’s either you’ve have a problem with Davido or something. But not mentioning him on your list seems totally biased!

  9. Funny how he said greatness has to do with distinction n not preference then made a list of d greatest naija artists n left out davido 🧢


    LYRICS…..2face & burna boy

    MESSAGE…… p square & burna boy

    LOVE…..2face & wizkid & flavour


    PARTY JAMS…davido & naira marley & timaya

    MOTIVATING…. burna boy & phyno

    KING OF BEAT….. tekno & naira marley

    STREET MUSIC… naira marley & zlatan & olamide

    PROTEST MUSIC….. burna boy e.t.c

    my yoruba brothers will not agree because he is not from yoruba
    always thinking they are the best

  11. It’s been Burna Boy for almost 10 years. It’s just that Burna is JUST NOW getting recognition because y’all niggaz was sleep😪😴😪 FACTZ ONLY💯

  12. I'm not a Nigeria but I know a lot. No Matter ur stats ehh, P-SQUARE should always be first on the list. They made Nigerian music what it is today. They are the greatest. followed by 2Baba then the rest can follow

  13. Olamide is fucking consistent. No one has is discography in the Nigeria Music industry. Dropping album every year. 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Please what's that guy's name? answering the questions, he truly is an afrobeat follower of all time, he knows all about afrobeat from head to toe, literarilly, he knows all about Nigeria Afrobeat

  15. Psquare number 5 ????? Pls tell me its in no particular order. Psquare and 2face suppose to drag number one. All Psquare albums were hits. 2face best albums were his 1st and 2nd the rest dint make much wave. And why no Davido in your top 5 and you put olamide? Na wa o

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