Facts Only With Osagie Alonge: Breaking Down The Headies 2015, Don Jazzy Vs Olamide | Pulse TV

Facts Only With Osagie Alonge: Breaking Down The Headies 2015, Don Jazzy vs Olamide.

The Headies held its 10th edition on New Years Day – what started as another entertaining awards show ended in near chaos as a number of Nigerian artistes including label bosses Don Jazzy (MAVIN Records) and Olamide (YBNL) called out each other over Mavin’s Reekado Banks winning the ‘Next Rated’ award over YBNL’s Lil Kesh.

Osagie Alonge analyzes the whole drama and gives his thoughts on what should and should not have been done.

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  1. if i didn't know better, i will say osagie wants m.i to beef olamide so bad. so a little advice on how our music content is getting bad is a direct diss to olamide! so what about other musicians ?

  2. I'm a huge fan of Don Jazzy and Olamide. FFS you were 100% right about the way Olamide should make his assertions but on Don Jazzy's conduct, @osagie Alonge you are a hypocrite. I would have respected your opinion as personal and kept quiet but because you staunch Don-Jazzy apologist and you previously made no effort to conceal that, I expect you to defend your boss but, at least, have the decency to tell in this interview that you also are a mavin side employee so that the average person who doesn't know that you will understand your non-objectivity.

  3. Osagie ….why are you being political and partisan about the "Olamide vs Don Jazzy" stuff… I actually knew you wouldn't see anything wrong with Don Jazzy's behaviour or utterance… You understand a lot of viewers are gullible yet you act like you are being objective. You were right about Olamide but far from being right on Don Jazzy …. You said Don Jazzy acted in the 'heat of the moment'. So olamide acted in the cold of the moment abi? Yet you blame politicians ….

  4. facts only! i respect you more for these facts. Especially in the Olamide and Don jazzy beef. Like u said,nothing wrong voicing your mind on the wrongs, and also it depends on how voiced it – on this effect i will say Olamide spoke raw and disrespectful,not to talk of 2014 in rooky awards he made the same appearance; for me is Child's play and a stupid act,maybe in next award he will still come out on stage again. l think is on this fact that made Don Jazzy to voice out at this time, and i don't blame him. Like u said,he wasn't wrong because he was "emotional ";dehm!i so much like tag "emotional"to it. Kudos bro,i give u 100% for this interview or discussion.

  5. The truth remains that we all have a lot to learn from Don Jazzy Collins.I have been studying this guy for quite some time but couldn't really understand what made him so thick not until yesterday olamide gave me some serious clue. ( all thanks to Olamide)… Olamide said:

    "U de chance ur boys .. Dem de call u baba ..
    My niggas call me brother"!!!!!
    (i) In successful business you have to put things in perspective,Don jazzy is a C.E.O of a company and should be addressed as one..what I mean is that don jazzy is to Marvin what Mike Adenuga is to Glo.

    2) I called to strike a deal with Dija
    And fucking gave her Manager to call me
    fuck nigga
    (ii)lesson…. To run a successful business, a good administrative structure is highly required.An average business man with a good administration/structure will always out do a talented person without structure. At the end of the day bills, royalties,salaries,bank loans must be paid and profit must declared.
    (3) olamide …
    Ppl wey
    de produce for u wey u de put ur name ?
    Fuck boy
    iii)lesson….(synergy) for you to succeed in any sphere of human endeavour, you have to learn how to leverage on other people's talent.Big businesses all over the world practice it,don jazzy shouldn't be an exception.

    4) He was accused of buying the award

    iv) lesson…(Network) your network goes along way to determine your net worth.He knows how to roll with the big boys/king makers. A successful C.E.O will always relate with another successful C.E.O…It's not all about a relationship, it's about strategic relationship.
    5)His artist had the highest number of vote followed by Cynthia Morgan
    (V) lesson…( big boys work smart) it's on record that don jazzy has one of the highest followership on social media,and he knows how to maximise it. Successful business men don't work hard rather the work smart.
    6) Olamide said he too dey package

    (VI) lesson.. In business packaging enhances value,you don't dress and behave like a suspect and expect people to treat you like a prospect.Quality product and proper packaging is one of the fastest way to secure an endorsement……
    This is just a part of the things I learnt from the drama yesterday. God bless olamide (badoo)I love you.

  6. that guy interviewing osagie is just ehh…my guy can u hear how u sound when u say but "olamide did not mention name" which kin of primary one behaviour is that, everybody is a grown up here so pls act like it ahh that excuse is soo childish

  7. This is why online media is king, first real and straightforward analysis of the whole event. However gotta disagree with the album analysis as well as MI dissing Olamide, it's a generic diss. Bit of a reach.

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