FCMB: Bank Staff Dismisses Petition Against The MD, Calls It Mere Allegation ||

‘A staff of the bank Rafiu Mohammed, who spoke on behalf of Diran Olojo, FCMB’s spokesman, dismissed the petition, describing as mere allegation.
Mohammed said it was unfortunate that people would come up with unsubstantiated claims which the deceased never raised when he was alive.’ – businesslive.ng
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pictures: businesslive.ng



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  1. Your analysis make me laugh ohhh hahahaha! Niaja Country na hell. Please 2023 vote a good government so this country can be better and all this nonsense will go away

  2. na wah oh. You are saying its an allegation; in the same breath you are saying its unfortunate that the paternity fraud happened to him and the wife traveled far before informing him, meaning you are confirming the story. Abeg which one is which na???

  3. Madam go to frcn to learn journalism, learn investigative journalism be articulate in your delivery forget about this ur analysis that doesn't give a simple point!

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