1. According to the Finance Act, signed into law by Buhari last December, FG is allowed to borrow unclaimed dividends and dormant account balances owned by Nigerians in any bank in the country.

    But SERAP in a statement on Sunday by its deputy director, Kolawole Oluwadare, described the Act as illegal.

    Part of the statement read, “The right to property is a sacred and fundamental right. Borrowing unclaimed dividends and funds in dormant accounts amounts to an illegal expropriation, and would hurt poor and vulnerable Nigerians who continue to suffer under reduced public services and ultimately lead to unsustainable levels of public debt.

    “The right to property extends to all forms of property, including unclaimed dividends and funds in dormant accounts. Borrowing these dividends and funds without due process of law, and the explicit consent of the owners is arbitrary, and as such, legally and morally unjustifiable.

  2. I think Nigerian shouldn't be silent about this, it's Federal Fraud or Heist..
    They just making things Hard more and more for Nigerian's.
    Do you know the tension they are trying to create in people's mind that leave in Diaspora who have been making savings in their Dormant Accounts but now Federal want to borrow it. Calling it dividends. Hisssss its illegal and unjustifiable art.

  3. The Truth is that, iB0 like money to the extend they can even give mother and daughter hands in marriage to any wealthy man…

  4. Well, on the other End, those twin that married one man just make me speechless. I just imagine how they gonna cope and how some parents behave

  5. Well, Federal Government it a Big Shame that you are Broke to the extent you are now depending on the poor citizens Dormant Account, taking Advantage oh your people.

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