Florida Football Practice in Pads

Florida Football Practice in Pads

The Gators take the practice field for the first day in pads. Highlights from practice include running back drills and the Gator drill.



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  1. FLORIDA 84 Charleston Southern 0
    FLORIDA 49 Kentucky 3
    FLORIDA 63 Colorado State 3
    FLORIDA 56 Tennessee 10
    FLORIDA 41 Miss State 6
    FLORIDA 38 LSU 13
    FLORIDA 45 Vanderbilt 14
    FLORIDA 35 Georgia 21
    FLORIDA 62 Missouri 24
    FLORIDA 30 South Carolina 20
    FLORIDA 55 Idaho 7
    FLORIDA 52 FSU 21

    ALABAMA 44 Louisville 17
    ALABAMA 59 Arkansas State 14
    ALABAMA 37 Ole Miss 28
    ALABAMA 35 Texas A&M 24
    ALABAMA 55 Louisiana 0
    ALABAMA 48 Arkansas 7
    ALABAMA 49 Missouri 38
    Tennessee 42 Alabama 31
    LSU 27 Alabama 17
    ALABAMA 34 Miss State 13
    ALABAMA 49 The Citadel 10
    ALABAMA 24 Auburn 20

    SEC Championship Game
    FLORIDA 35 Alabama 20

    #1 FLORIDA 38 #4 Oklahoma 17
    #3 Georgia 31 #2 Clemson 30

    #1 FLORIDA 27 #2 Georgia 24

  2. One more thing for the bama turd. Florida was 3-4 after the Georgia game and only had 54 scholarship players. By the end of the year Florida only had 47 scholarship players. This is how a team end up 4-7. Injuries and suspended players was what happened to the Florida Gators. Then you add in bad coaching and lost coaches changing the offense in the middle of the season it was a wonder Florida beat UAB! Before Florida lost to Missouri 45-16, South Carolina 28-20, FSU 38-22. Florida had lost too LSU 17-16, Texas A&M 19-17 and Georgia 42-7. Two of those games could have been wins. Florida also turn the ball over 3 times in the FSU game that turn that game into a rout. At the end of the year Florida was one injury away from having to start Massey at quarterback. Putting Cleveland at tailback. only 2 linemen were healthy. So when you look at Florida look at all the facts and understand why they went so bad last year.

  3. Just like this bama turd the outside world judges Florida on last season.. How stupid is it to judge a team on what they did last year… Look at the talent on this team and tell me this isn't a National Title contenting team. Bama turd doesn't count cause he probably believes that Alabama 3rd teamers are better than Florida's first… lol Yea whatever bitch! MORE LIKE A OUR 2ND TEAMERS ARE BETTER THAN YOU'RE FIRST!! If Alabama does have to face Florida this year it will be a sad day for Bama fans!!!!! As Florida destroys bama and you now become the #2 in the SEC behind the new kings of the SEC!!!! Empires fall when Empires RISE!!!!!! This Empire is about to Rise to the top!!!!!!

  4. Okay so Bama Turd think I'm delusional… lol! Okay I'm going to give you a lot of facts why I believe you're the one who is delusional. First fact last season team was weak and under sized. Fact number 2 last season team had only 64 scholarship players at the beginning of the season. This season has 83 scholarship players 5 more than Alabama. Fact number 3 last years team had no returning starter at quarterback. Fact number 4 Jordan Scarlett wasn't not on last season team. Fact number 5 Florida has 3 tailbacks that could start for any team in the country. Fact number 6 Florida has more speed than any other team in the SEC or the country. Fact number 7 Florida has 2 really good wideouts in Van Jefferson and Grimes. Don't forget about Cleveland, Toney, Massey, Swain, Hammond. Fact number 8 Florida is one of the best defense in the country. So you think I just go around saying 12-0.. NO! This team has everything it needs to be a team to go 12-0. Georgia will be the only game on the schedule Florida could lose too.

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