(FREE) | "Shady" | Burna Boy x Yxng Bane x Jhus Type Beat | Free Beat | Afrobeat Instrumental 2021

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  1. Damnn G thats so dope fasho, the drums are bouncing asf and the melody so catchy. keep it doing on that way and u gonna make it!!! I´m a producer too and I appreciate a lot anyfeedback if u like to check some of my lasts beasts.

  2. Me encanta how she moves derecha
    Im caminar after ella park it back
    Shady baby niña mujer novia maybe?
    Up top im getting this and that
    Shake those hips wind that waist
    Caribbean babe got that face
    Times times i try try to step aside
    Mesmerised seen her eyes know she's wild
    Party by Día Sleep by Noche
    When she come around i have no say

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