[FULL VIDEO]#ENDSARS: Davido Presents Demands Of Protesters To IGP

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  1. We the citizens should also be allowed to create or be aware of the code of conducts for a police force. It enlightens us and enables us know and stand on our right when been trampled upon.

    Our rights should actually be honoured as a citizen.

    Well done Davido and all.

  2. I appreciate how this is comprehensive view of the problem and presenting solutions. Funding the police, re-educating the police, and policies that support the reforms.

  3. Unfortunate misuse of an opportunity to ask the IG challenging questions and hold the force to account. Sowore or people who are well versed on the core issues should have been the representatives

  4. Le mans the can note understand what G I saying except lawyers, means that, the teem that create again is more trouble then a SAS

  5. I think I understand better now.
    Though the trust gap is still there, what was said maybe quite different from what the men in field will do.
    I pray we all achieve our aims at the end of the day.

  6. Nigeria youths is time for us to take our powers back, we are tired of old people leading us, we can lead ourselves. Our country is crashing, we need to build our country for the sake of our children.

    The IG is doing a great Job, but he is just o'e person, thank you sir, God will raise more people like you,

  7. Wrong people are call for this protest interview all this celebrity don't have a wisdom of leadership in politics.

  8. Ig thanks so much for listening to us we believe by the time those good plans of yours on how sars and police should work in this country i believe these killing of youth will stop thank you ig

  9. The video that circulated early kind of rubbished this interview. All in all it was enlightening and it was a great effort.

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