getting diagnosed with PCOS | signs | contraceptives

I had to re-upload this video. There is a detail that my mom reminded me. I started my period when I was 14 years old, not 16. I want to be accurate about this journey and the details are important.

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  1. Was diagnosed with PCOS 6yrs ago… been on pills mpaka nikachoka, now I just freestyle. acne has never been an issue until this year, my face has just decided to be at it’s worst & it’s crushing me

  2. I was diagnosed with PCOS earlier last year. I didn't have acne, been having irregular periods. My doc prescribed femiplan that I've never taken.😆😆

  3. Girl, I can relate to your every word. From the joy of getting cramps while in pain, the annoying acne, well my boobs never became as big as I wanted😅, the fear of not being able to conceive, the relief of finally getting a diagnosis after seeing so many doctors, to finally being at peace with all of it haha

  4. Best topic ever. A piece for us women, when you see a married lady out there struggling to get pregnant don't always think of the worst like most do ati she aborted that's why she can't. Things like pcos and endometriosis will slow things. Love love the topic

  5. One of the common symptoms of PCOS is uncontrollable weight gain usually caused by insulin resistance .eliminating high glycemic foods as well as going diary and gluten free will greatly help with weight loss also over exercising is not recommended , slow weighted workout that do not mess with your cortisol levels will be more efficient than tiresome fast cardio I hope this helps somebody 🤍

  6. I love this. When I was diagnosed I was convinced I was the only one in Kenya with PCOS coz absolutely nobody talked about it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wewe ice cream ,Mimi she told me I look like a crocodile..then laughed but after treatment she's always complementing my skin..this info is very helpful

  8. Well done on being super open. Tuko wengi and I also didn't know much about it until I was diagnosed. If you're looking for non-hormonal options, you can be prescribed for metformin. Managing your weight also regulates your hormones better. Best wishes


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  10. I have pcos as well and mine came with gaining a lot of weight 🤦🏽‍♀️ the part where you said twins killed me😂😂😂

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