Harry and Meghan POWERLESS to Hold Onto Their Royal Title: Ice Skating On Thin Ice!

Harry and Meghan POWERLESS to Hold Onto Their Royal Title: Ice Skating On Thin Ice!
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  1. God I hope they don't go back to being royals again, then again saying that would be I don't think they could or even would come back. Plus even if they tryed their present would feel so uncomfortable that there never be trusted. And the people of the UK would have a big say over this. And even if they came back it would be just so Harry gets his military honours back. Then there leave again. So no there never coming back to late now, they blew every right of returning.

  2. The title Prince cannot be passed down from father to son, it’s not like being a Lord or a Duke or viscount. It’s something you are born with it’s not granted, a title can only be passed down if it’s stated at the time of it being granted by the Queen.

  3. Even with their titles they are just rich, untalented losers except to those who think prancing around with someone boasting a title elevates them. When it starts costing them to mingle with MM and PH and their titles, that sort of shine will quickly tarnish, as it has with quite a list of people already. MM has not spent 5 minutes since her marriage support or helping the RF or the UK or the world as a whole. PH did, before stepping down continue to do as he had in the past supporting the family and his country at least within the limits that MM would allow, but we all saw that the closer they got to finally pulling out the less and less time she granted him to participate n those things that he should.

    PH once had a nice circle of friends but MM has made that totally evaporate. He once had his military career to which MM did her best to stop his participating in even when he had not yet resigned, forcing him to choose between stay home with her or going off to participate in war games he had been looking forward to since even before she came into the picture. MM has systematically and with the skill of a surgeon excised Harry from anything that resembles his life and its obvious that he has nothing left but her and that may not continue to be enough.

    As for their being no precedent for removing their titles, that is only true if you look no further than the history of the Windsors, while the British Monarchy is full of the giving and the removing of even hereditary titles by the Monarchy throughout history, much of it totally and completely at the whim of the Monarch and involving no action by parliament or anyone else for that matter. Many a title of even some of the highest ranking nobility in Britian has changed hands and families due to a Monarch stripping one unfavored noble of their titles and granting them to another, more favored person. Just cause it has not happened in a couple of generations does not mean it cannot be.

    Let us not forget that when Princess Diana and Charles divorced she too lost all titles except those she had from birth through her family line.

    Royal titles have always, throughout history been at the will of and the pleasure of the MOnarch and retaining them also comes from the same place. When Edward stepped down as Monarch even his titles were adjusted by his brother when he became monarch. And the family held a struct line in not giving titles to Wallis which could actually be used in some way that would embarrass the crown. How things were handled with Wallis should have been more of a guide in how MM should have been granted titles, mos of which should have been withheld until she proved to be of some worth to the family. Her title could have been bestowed with very limiting factors, such as the titles was only in place when she was actually in the UK but when she took a jaunt to the US, she was once again just plain MM. I am sure MM would have had Harry scream to the rafters over something like that but even he could have been made to see that as a twice married american wannabe actress she would need to earn her place in the RF and then she would be entitled to be given titles in her own right. SInce all she had to do was bed the Prince to pick up titles in England, Wales and Scotland and have a right to use HRH whenever with Harry, she did not have to do much but just cling to him day in and day out.

    If you thread your way through history it becomes very clear that your granted titles at the pleasure of the Monarch and if you fail to keep the Monarch happy with your behavior you can lose or forfeit the titles. Sadly, the fact that you cannot any longer lose your head at the pleasure of the Monarch if your too unwilling to stop abusing a title, maybe a private regret to some.

    Queen Elizabeth gave MM her titles and she has just as much right to take them back, There is no law or rule that says once granted (note the wording used is 'granted') a title cannot be taken back. MM has certainly misued her title in every way possible and it should be taken away.

  4. Everyone of these video says the same exact thing. Very boring. No need to post so many if you’re just going to repeat yourself over and over and over again. You should only post when you have new info

  5. Harry and Meghan are not devious or cunning, but have a narcissitic view that they are entitled to many benefits of being "royal" without answering to anyone on earth and respecting protocals. Part of the blame for this behaviour is the way they were raised..

  6. Markle had no title before Harry just tart since getting her Prince she has her own title that she has earned Queen of tarts Mattress Meg. Harry as always had no purpose now he can used his title Harry Prince of Pimps to search for more punters for Mattress Meg to use for her own gain

  7. Stripped of their titles.. Oh dear they must be down to their last 10 million. How ever will they make ends meet. Stripped…theres a thought'. Megan the stripper. Oh wait hasnt she already failed at that.

  8. Everything that is happening in the life of Harry and Megan Markle is all about greed and selfishness. They’re not worthy for the title which they use to get money. He is so blind not to recognize how cruel Megan Markle if she can’t get what she wants . If he is not a Prince I don’t think Megan Markle will divorce her husband , it is the title she is after , it is the simple fact . On the other hand Harry go for her because he is mentally weak and jealous of his brother married to the beautiful woman worthy to be Queen of England . The title has to be taken away so that they cannot use it to earn their living

  9. No to inherit title even if there is an Archie it has to be born of her it was not and those titles are up to the queen who didn't bestow archificial with a title upon his unboxing

  10. No to inherit title even if there is an Archie it has to be born of her it was not and those titles are up to the queen who didn't bestow archificial with a title upon his unboxing

  11. Recall Harry mentioned he only had a small window before ppl start lose interest with him and why he need to make as much money as he can during that awful interview. Wonder how long that idea had been on his head as he seem quite happy being the heir all his life !

  12. I am more irritated by some of the extremist comments than I am by Harry and Meghan's antics It's ridiculous to say that Harry is a traitor. The departure of the couple was relatively amicable at the time but their behaviour since then is what is rightly being criticised. Harry's grand uncle, Edward VIII abdicated in order to marry the love of his life, an American [Mrs] Wallis Warfield Simpson. It was the right thing to do at that time. I don't think he was ever accused of being a traitor. Harry has, to all intents, abdicated his Royal status at his own request. He must undestand that neither he nor Meghan can can't have their cake and eat it but he has seen service in Afghanistan, set up Invictus and never openly defied the Queen He may be an ageing 'delinquent', but he's no traitor.

  13. I congratulate the delinquent couple for putting vibrancy and life BACK into the tedious argument about the relevance of the monarchy itself. Ironically, their 'revolt' will trigger , is already triggering, a wave of sympathy for a beleaguered 90-year old monarch and her hubby. Their courageous action in demitting Royal office was, I initially believed, an honest attempt to free up their lives and go their own way. At that time I was saying, "Hooray for Harry [and Meg] !" Please accept that I don't hold much brief for their antics in the US of A In my view, they are courting great unpopularity by unreasonably demanding that their Royal titles be retained even while they court fame and fortune in the most democratic no-nonsense arenas in the world. I want to say to them, "Don't do this guys, please! You can't have your cake and eat it! If you truly love your family, you will not embarrass them as Prince Andrew has already done. Call yourselves' Mr and Mrs Windsor' in America. Please trade entirely on your own merits, not on your titles which, in America, are ultimately meaningless and hoodwink nobody. You can display the 'Royal touch'far better by your dignified and respectful behaviour to everyone anmd not by acitng like a couple of greedy carpet baggers! " That's my considered advice to a sadly misguided couple of 'exhibitionists' The member of the Royal family I respect most , apart from her Maj and the Duke , is Princess Anne. Unlike the 'delinquent couple', she is underrated and ignored by a sensationalist media, yet she loves Scotland and really involves herself in the Scottish charities of which she is the patroness .

  14. These two left the RF so there titles are nolonger relivent for them to use.
    They should be treated like people who leave their religion and become apostates. Someone that turns away from their religion and renounces it's belief or principles.
    They shouldn't be spoken about or mentioned.
    The said child can't be given a title because he wasn't born of a royal, he was born by a surrogate mother so no title was given.

  15. Why is it that everything about these two Harry & her is repeatedly mentioned in many news people is sick of hearing this none sense it should be done now???

  16. Those two are really embarrassing and I from America. The queen should just turn her back on them .harry should be ashame of hisself. I dont think he has a clue. He has no brain if he does he put it away forgot where he put it.

  17. WELL yeah, there's not much precedent for stripping titles because the treacherous Royals used to have their heads lopped off…

  18. Yes, the con artist is done. Back to what she’s best at yachting, conning, lying, manipulating vulnerable and naive rich men.

  19. Theve got to lose there title's. There not royals. And since they have abused the Queen and all royals and the monarch and Megan and Harry call them all toxic. And the UK is toxic. But all Megan wants is to destroy the Queen and monarch, but now they are only interested in there title's. And that means strip all title's including the Prince as there only turn around and use that. And don't forget the commonwealth to. Oh for gods sake strip them of all.

  20. You see my app and over Donald Trump that will happen to the Queen over here too I can see it happening the Monica will go downhill if she didn’t put her foot down and take the titles off them that’s what the people want not what you wanted what the people want

  21. What does William think I wonder if I should be stripped and Megan should be strict I will if William agrees with it I want a child now I know his answer I would not ask Charles’s opinion I know the answer

  22. No they would not get anything without the Royal titles and that bloody obvious we are not daft British people out the Queen things with have to know she can’t make up her mind one way or the other of the public are telling her to do this but she’s not taking any notice just wait until March make a decision I know she’s the Queen and I don’t mean any harm but it’s just annoying me that she doesn’t put a foot down need to get away with murder and the queen is going to let them know Monica will go downhill because I wanna know my friend won’t wanna know eitherI know nobody cares about is their disappointed and it Monica will go down because I would be interested and I’ll tell lots of people not be interested any more because it is well whatever equipped what pronounce it

  23. No one is interested nor wants them to carry out royal duties – H&M can’t be trusted – the Queen is a woman of her word, when the 12 months are up there is no room for negotiation in light of the behavior and abuse of UK people and RF in the 12 months and earlier!

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