Helpless Man Attackǝd By Three Women Over Alleged Infidelity (VIDEO)

A disturbing incident unfolded as three women, believed to be sisters, were caught on camera assaulting a man over accusations of infidelity.

The video of the assault has since gone viral, triggering widespread reactions and concern.

The footage depicts the three women aggressively attacking the man, using their fists and sticks as weapons.

Despite the man’s pleas for mercy, the women relentlessly continued their assault, seemingly fueled by anger and betrayal.

Based on the conversation captured in the video, it became apparent that the man had been involved in a romantic relationship with one of the sisters while allegedly pursuing another.

In the midst of the assault, one of the women can be heard expressing her anger in Yoruba, accusing the man of attempting to sleep with her despite his relationship with her sister.

Desperately begging for understanding and a chance to explain himself, the man pleaded for the women to listen and stop the assault.

He claimed innocence, questioning whether he had ever cheated on one of the sisters named Bose or betrayed her trust.

The shocking incident has sparked intense discussions surrounding relationship, trust, and the consequences of infidelity.

As the video continues to circulate online, social media users have expressed their outrage and raised concerns about the escalation of violence in relationships.

Watch the video below:

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