Hushpuppi In Another Mess $14.7 million Fraud X Davido And Wizkid Feature

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  1. The only news that we make Nigerians be this happy is when we sell the country, share the money 💴 to every citizen to go and look 👀 for another country

  2. Only 24 hours electricity forever like western world will make nigeria this happy.
    24 hours electricity will go a long way to help businesses men and women especially hairstylist, cool rooms, Computer operators etc.

  3. Destiny is not even a woman that a man should look at twice.She is only good to play with,nothing more.Not wife material at all.Pure garbage.

  4. Those country want to join to dup.not for the favor of Nigeria okay..they have seeing that duping is paying politicians in Nigeria.. that is why they want to join every country only NIGERIANS politicians have money .. buying big cares and leave a rich other countries the citizens don't allow them to still government Money.. place like India.. have one beautiful building you we answer how come out it..then you go jail imidiatly

  5. That news will be that all the past and present governor's and President's die in one day, let start afresh. Thanks nice job bro

  6. Bro you don't always like talking
    About Nigeria government alot is happening there bro , not just always entertainment everytime. That's your country

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