Hushpuppi Winning Case As Burna Boy Gets Tough On Davido

Hushpuppi Winning Case As Burna Boy Gets Tough On Davido


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  1. I don't think this freewestdip Media maker reads users' comments.

    You said some people don't understand international politics. It is clear you don't either.

    It does not matter whether there is extradition treaty between US and UAE or not, Hushpuppi harmed US interests.

    He is not coming out anytime soon.

  2. Burna is good but he used a lot of fela and Angelique kidjo song to trend. Go and listen to batonga by Angelique kidjo and listen to anybody by burna, u will understand what am saying. Davido is on another level

  3. Burnaboy has meaningful songs compared to others only singing about bum bum and 💰. I love burnaboy song, Monster you made💪🏽💪🏽

  4. You people are acusing huspupi for fraud those people who have those acount where we're you when all those money was transfer to huspupi acount huspupi did not rup the bank those people who have those acount and those money are to be blame not huspupi

  5. There is a noise from the background as you make your news presentation. I suppose next time you will get rid of that noise , it is quite distractive.

  6. That country has tear up that arrangement..hushpuppi was expelled from UAE and becomes stateless; so US has authorities to capture any criminal anywhere to answer to them

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