"I Didn't Protest" —Davido Tells Police He Came To #EndSARS Protest Ground To Calm His Fans



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  1. Well the nigga obviously don’t know what we talking about… him no know how real street Dey be though him dey claim say him na street… OBO no vex you honestly don’t understand our pain so don’t come and form leading man or shit… we love your music but in this particular issues you need to chill please

  2. I'm so sad to see what has happened here with Davido. I supported him I was so glad that I thought he came to stand up and help the protestors and then my bf explained to me he actually let everyone down coz he was scared of getting arrested. I understand Davido about not wanting to get arrested BUT even if he had been arrested nearly the entire country would have been backing him up, supporting him, & protesting for his release & he would have been elevated in peoples eyes. So I'm disappointed in him for letting people down and making all these people upset with him. I want to love him and praise him not be upset with him. I'm a bit sad this has happened this way. I get why he could have been intimidated by the government and so on but I wish he had still persevered and prevailed.

  3. When Nigerian David see Goliath and run 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️Sir, I'm just a passerby. I swear I'm not here to fight you 🤐🤐🤐☹☹☹

  4. Next end darkness, next end corruption, next end bigmanism, next end impunity, next end illiteracy, next end poverty, next end moribund health care systems, next end lack of pipe borne water next end bad roads, next end lack of modern Infrastructure.. and it i goes on and on.. #revolutionnow

  5. So this Davido didn’t know protesting is a fundamental right for an ordinary man and the famous..

    He failed big time, aiye blackaxe my foot 🦶 nonsense

  6. I was actually beginning to like him then he did this, burna boy is right about this guy. Why are you afraid to say this I protest because we are tired of the inhuman of the SARS.

  7. Another Super Story….
    I knew it from day one that one person will downsize the movement but i never thought it could be Davido.

  8. You see why this country will never be good.
    Nobody wan loose anything for the future to be good. You can't eat your cake and have it.
    Anything good come with a good price.
    Youths I say una sorry O!
    A litmus test indeed. And your representative failed.

  9. That's the reason why I don't follow any of them because all of them are all deceivers and lairs like those criminals who call themselves leaders. My advice to the all youths in that fake country called Liegeria is starting from today, is for you to begins to take laws into your own hands. Because no body in that fake country that is ever ready to fight for you. Never you hope on anybody, even those that called themselves human right activist both those that call themselves celebrities in Nigeria they are all fake that is looking for what they will eat. For the last time youths fight for yourself. Nigeria is not a country..

  10. Common​ now​ this​ can​ be​ Davido​.. The​ person​ talking​ here​ is​ Just​ a​ dumb​ chicken.

  11. The saying goes "you cannot serve God and mermon together", the same policemen actually guard him, so he is torn between two masters. So my people Davido no be part of una, na wannabe.

  12. All these naija youth, e b like say una no know Buhari o!……. D tin b say, even if dem give youth dis country to run, dem go still fvckup.

  13. Lol 🤣 thought you said you wanted to 😂🤣😂 go and talk to them , OBO ,OMO YOU FALL YOURSELF HAND O ,WE ARE ALL TOGETHER IN THIS, OBO YOU ARE ONE OF US NONSENSE.

  14. I knew this. Stop kissing the ass of these celebrities. We don’t need them to liberate ourselves. They are only there to distract us and then claim glory while we remain in suffer. The solution to Nigeria problem is REVOLUTION

  15. The opacity of governance in Nigeria is utterly nauseating! IGP Adamu, be reminded that the masses is by far and wide bigger than the entire establishments, needless to mention Davido. If you deflate his fan base, and followings, he only plays for NPF in Nigeria! Anyway, David is smarter than that!

  16. This is why you dont do closed meeting with the Nigerian Govt. Let them talk to the people in the open to avoid things like this. I am fairly sure Davido's heart is in the right place but he should have turned down this meeting or at list take along an experienced activist/fighter. Clearly hes not a fighter. Bless his soul.

  17. That's what they call "divide and conquer method". An average Nigeria Police knows how to find a way to implicate you. PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY IS A FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT!

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