“I don’t blame Collins for k!lling his girlfriend. I also don’t pity the girl at all” – Activist V

Controversial Nigerian activist VeryDarkMan has taken to social media to share his thoughts on the University of Port Harcourt student, Justina Otuene, who was brutally murdered by her boyfriend.

YabaleftOnline earlier reported that the boyfriend, Collins, was caught while attempting to dispose of the victim’s body after he had mutilated her and removed her eyes and breasts. It was alleged that he killed her for ritual purposes. Read more about it here

VeryDarkMan speaks

Addressing the incident in a video shared on his Instagram page, VeryDarkMan stated that he doesn’t blame Collins for the murder because society pressures men to become wealthy, without considering how they achieve financial success.

He also recounted how he was constantly shamed for being broke and living in a shabby apartment, even though he was only living within his means. He expressed that society no longer values honest work but instead prioritizes get-rich-quick schemes.

He emphatically stated that he doesn’t have an iota of sympathy for the deceased student because most ladies date for money, and don’t want to work anymore.

VeryDarkMan captioned the video,

“You guys saw what the internet did to me last and they still do it to me, with all that who go want hustle? I don’t blame this guy oooo, the society permits it now, nobody cares how you make money just make it, your sister or brother might be next, keep fueling it”

Watch him speak below,

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