Naira Marley Shares Some Horrific Experience He Had In Ikoyi Prison

I don’t care what you think of me – Naira Marley

Controversial rap artist, Naira Marley seems to have been pissed off by some of his fans on social media today.

Naira Marley in one of his tweets was talking about Self Respect as he said: “most people lack self-respect but…”

The artist went ahead to say he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him.


Naira Marley said, “I don’t care what you think of me. Unless u think I’m gorgeous, in which case, you are right! Continue…”

In another statement, Naira Marley called for support for people during this period.

He said, “Some people are worried to leave their house because of covid19. Some people need someone to talk to, pick their description & some even need food because they are unable to provide for themselves right now, etc. Support your community if you can so nobody is left isolated.”

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