“I have never been in a relationship and I’m not ready to be in one” – BBNaija winner Ilebaye reveals in

Big Brother Naija All Stars winner Ilebaye Odiniya has revealed in an interview with @WithChude that she has never been in a relationship and she is not ready to be in one.

Recall that during the show, the winner mentioned that she is still a virgin which some viewers did not believe.

Speaking in the interview she confirmed that the statement she made while in the house is true and there was no motive behind it.

Below is a transcription of some the interview;

CHUDE: Have you been in a relationship before, in the past?


CHUDE: Why not? What’s going on?
Oh! I remember, this is a very private question. But you know I’m an interviewer so I have to ask. The first time you were in the house, one of the things that first came out was that you said you had never…how do I ask this question now? You had never known a man. I’m so embarrassed. Ok, that you’ve never had Sex before. That was something that came out of the house and people were shocked.

First and foremost, why did you share that? Or was it that you were just gisting in the house so you didn’t think about it deeply? Is there a particular significance to that? Is it a religion thing?

ILEBAYE: No, it’s nothing. It’s just we were gisting. There’s nothing really serious about it.

CHUDE: How can you be in this…a Gen Z. Somebody born after 1998, the TikTok generation. What happened? Were your parents strict? What is going on?

ILEBAYE: My dad is strict sha. But I don’t know.

CHUDE: Are you surprised about how that became a topic on its own?

ILEBAYE: I’m just hearing that it even became a topic.

Watch her speak below,

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