If Burna Boy Is The Best Since Fela, Where Do We Place Femi Kuti, Seun Kuti, Wizkid, Dbanj? | EP 668

Wake Up Nigeria, February 13, 2020 (Full Video)

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  1. Burna boy should be ashamed of his words . He was deported from the UK and hot a second chance in Nigeria and Nigeria made a guy that was already written off in the UK for a murder charge . Its not easy to be successful but its harder to handle success, its obvious that its getting into his head but Naija can make you and can break you . I wish him good luck on this journey , i used to be a die hard burna fan but after this stupid comment of him , i can't even listen to his music no more . Naira marley broke through and did more rhan what Burna did in 8 years within 6 months . To hell with you Burna , you don't like any thing Nigerian anyway , you wish you were a Jamo rude boy , as soon as you hit small change you converted yourself into a Jamo yadi and took a Jamo bitch as girlfriend. Shame on you and Leriq that brought you out got dumped as soon as you could breath from your broke status .

  2. I love Burnaboy and his work like crazy. I've always acknowledged his claims such as; AFRICAN GIANT, BURNABOYGRAM, etc., but claiming to be the best since Fela and claiming he made his way to the top without anybody's help has changed my perception about him a little bit. I hope he realizes what he has just put out there and try to make amends by giving accolade to the likes of D'banj and 2Baba who paved the way. Otherwise, whenever he opens his mouth, he will come across as arrogant.

  3. Burna is the best since Fela. He said what he said. The entertainment industry gatekeepers have never liked Burna and that's an open secret. The only person that can lay claim to paving a way for Burna is Kanye West and that happened by accident even not purposely. Kanye didn't have dealings with Burna before June of 2018. Kanyes Ye album propelled searches for Burnas ye track and given that the Burna Ye track and his other work was stellar folk, who originally came for Kanye, stayed for Burna. If truly they paved the way why are other acts not succeeding? Is Burna the only act that does afrobeats viz a viz afro fusion? A man is of his right to state that he is the best. Yes Wizkid and the rest are trailblazers but they don't have the stage presence that Burna has, don't have the vocal range that Burna possesses. Burna has been on several live stands internationally and delivered the musical goods premium. It's a case of what he sings in the tracks can be found on stage performances also. Every man na King for him lane. Burna is just stating his truth.

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