Ilebaye Makes A Stylish Statement In Loose-Fitting Outfit Amidst Criticisms For Scanty Attire (VIDEO)

Ilebaye, the winner of the recently concluded Big Brother Naija All-Stars show, has once again caught the attention of the public with her fashion choices.

After facing criticism for her previous scantily clad outfits, she made a striking appearance over the weekend in a loose-fitting pink ensemble while supporting fellow Big Brother Naija star, Kim Oprah, and her latest project.

Known for her daring and bold fashion sense, Ilebaye’s recent outfit choice, which covered her more modestly, still managed to spark conversations among fans and fashion enthusiasts.

The loose-fitting attire deviated from her usual revealing style, gaining attention for its unique and refreshing style.

While Ilebaye’s previous outfits had garnered criticism for baring her breasts with only her nipples covered, this new look showcased her different style and ability to make a fashion statement while maintaining a different level of modesty.

The Big Brother Naija star’s fashion choices have always been a topic of discussion, and this latest outfit was no exception.

It shows Ilebaye’s ability to captivate attention and keep her fans intrigued, even when she opts for a more covered-up appearance.

As the public continues to follow Ilebaye’s fashion journey, it remains to be seen what other stylish attires she will showcase in the future.

Watch the video below:

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