IMO Prison Break | Nigeria Protest Buhari Must GO | Don Jazzy

IMO Prison Break | Nigeria Protest Buhari Must GO | Don Jazzy #buhari #donjazzy

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  1. African still the same way, it looks like 2000 years ago. Nothing have change 2021. Africa government they are all terrorists And Preposterous, A country does not belong to One person. it belongs to everybody. There will be a time Africa people will know they are right. They need electricity water security Environment, Human right, Structure, Hospital, Schools, social Assistance,
    “Censlip Seraphim” Africa government is a joke

  2. As this prison in lmo state breaks now. Please let the rest prison in Nigeria to watch out or alert to prevent another happening. Nigeria what we are. When will God hear our prayers? Many Nigerians are very concerned or worried what our great country is be coming.

  3. How did they manage to stop them from taken the army’s but could not stop them from committing the act, I think the federal government has not tell us the truth

  4. What don jazzy was trying to say is he doesn't occur to him. If he have offended anyone knowingly. But the truth about being a human is we provoke some either knowingly or unknownly.. yes we might know to the best of our knowledge that we have nott offended anyone. But does that make it true?

  5. Bro quick one, I stay on the island and I know how much some property’s are. My house is 100,0000.00 hundred million naira for just the land lekki face 1. That person know waiting she dey yan believe me. Na make you just don’t think 70,000 will get you anything on that side of Nigeria

  6. Please don't talk about imo state my man how many fulanis are in prison in Nigeria see we'll end Nigeria my man is a promise is not a joke

  7. My bro. you and I knows that 70 percent of prisoners in nigeria are innocent people who do not have voice and people to come for them. Secondly the people who commits the highest crime in nigeria, you will not see them in the prison. The fulanis, the politicians and the rest of them. one bottle of stout we move.

  8. Anything in the South East and South South is always the Talk of the Nation and the Unwise and foolish governors of those States will be saying Rubbish why in the North the same governors of their States are the Sponsors of the Bandits there of whom they even Put them on TV and Newspapers telling the People how they want to Negotiate with President or Leaders for Ransom Pay, na only God will safe us in this Evil and foolish People call Our governors. That Man from Edo is a big Fool for his People Edo

  9. I'm getting tired of this una Nigerian news
    Tomorrow leaders are the problem
    The next day Nigerians are the problem
    What the F

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