Jazzy Ivy – Street Science

Produce by VINICIUS
Lyrics by Jazzy Ivy aka 각나그네

거기 정처 없이 떠돌던 생각들
잠시 서 멈춰
휘익 위로 번쩍 올려 펼쳐봐
서울거리에 잠겼던 내 메모 기록장
paper 탁 건져 물기 마를 때 즈음
스윽 번지는 그 감도
색감들 두루게 붓고
커다란 jumbo fest
world blending pot
더욱더 두루게 휘젓고
colors melt asking deflt
city king tjongko
why nancy tjong kim sang
had to color me reality yeah
the book called
color me reality
color me reality
manager’s authority power trip
agency doing it collectively
facing truth vagabond
killa arm veteran post war better
moms coast guards broken arms
red alarm ponder pond government
stalk upon stock
and bond to count upon twice
upon for golden arm status quo
dirty loops fresh kids
got no fresh kicks
nothing to brag about
don’t sprint run marathon what
it’s like the dream
that we always try to dream upon
no dirty look son
다 떠나면 홀로 단칸방
남은 책상머리 부질없이
번잡한 허공으로 붕 뜬 정들은
jansport 내 책가방 느껴둬
the only thing
i live is my true spit
so get live with it home seoul
don’t expect shit
whut you know the feels like
far out of the space on
spaceship shit
feels better to be
moving on the rapid transit
flamenco sketches
abstract habits my street
science state of mind illustrates
when planet orbits
you know my mind is
moving quicker than
its speed of its own orbit
it’s hard to grasp every second
of its moments
but feel what i feel
and build what i build and
spit what i want to you know
what i’m saying
i’m falling deeper
into my raw infinite
and every second it gets deeper
이건 마치 깊게 빠져드는 환각의 늪
막 빨려드는 환청들
그 혼란의 즙
그 뿌연 환영들의 착시는
즉 어쩌면 정확한 시야로 바라본
현실의 look book
어지러운 내면 설계도의 흠집
더 깊숙이 끌어당기는
긴 망상의 loop
결코 쉽게 헤어나올 수 없는
무의식 세계 숲으로의 초대
그곳엔 눈 씻고 아빠는 없어
yo every second make a move
yo make sure
you are undercover
yo you gotta do it on the break
and find your own limelight
but don’t break the system
but be sure to be off the bat
but hit faster
when charming strangers near
ya and tell me
how it sounds like
you should follow up
own step cuz nobody’s instructing
more lightening enlightenment
quick step get set go
When the jet’s set yo
nobody’s world is
in your bagpack do it up
your own color throw ups
on a whole car i’m telling
you it’s all like that
do what you love and pour it out
and point blank the future
lies on your own hands
jungle dudes player plays plan
it like a grown man
so sport it up dunn on
this marvelous day



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