Jesse Jagz x Ice Prince Zamani x M. I Abaga Fully ***Represent** Chocolate City | Reaction!!!

When you hear Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, MI Abaga are lacing a track, be damn sure #ChocBoyz about to drop hell on the eat. This is one of them iish. all J-town Fellas came in on this right here. Crazy deep bars, word plays, epic delivery, top notch ChocBoyz Things.


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  1. Dis is most dopest reactor have ever know. Man keep it up please do react to imperfect me by m.i men that piece is the fire enough bars and lyrics.
    Pls can't wait

  2. I love your reactions bro🙏 pls react to Export by M. I ft yung6ix and hot by M. I, these 2 tracks is fire bro💪 one love ❤

  3. Mister Jay is the best reactor for me on youtube, God knows how you dey decipher those bars, one of my favourite song and all those bars missed. This made my rough day….Great reaction as always .
    Please react to MY dream by VJ Adam ft MI abaga

  4. Hi Bro. Love your reactions, simply the best. Please could you react to VJ Adams – Define RAP featuring amongst many rappers M.I and Ice Prince. Thanks

  5. It’s going down tonight I see iceberg! This line is a diss in reference to a rapper called iceberg slim that once picked a beef up with MI…

  6. I always come prepared with the expectations to decipher some bars that might have flown over my head while listening to the song on my own. Knowing fully well that you’d always come thru…
    and you don’t disappoint..

    Nice reaction as always …✌🏿🙌🏿

    Please react to “unstoppable” Mi Abaga

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