JOHN ASA KA NAMAN (BUDOTS/TRAP REMIX) | frnzvrgs2 Viral Remixes

My 2nd budots & trap remix made in Ableton Live.


Kiat jud day_ Discobudots | Zumba | Dance Fitness (AMAZING Carlo Balingit)

Wigol Wigol (Remix):
Sanaol Chismosa (Trap Remix):
Pasumpa-Sumpa P.I.M. (Mashup):
Shaggydee [KPL Online Class] (Trap Remix):
ROPAYLDIII [Aling Cely Rap] (Trap Remix):
Aaaay Ostrich! [Ostrich Sa Quezon City] (Trap Remix):
I’m Filipino, This Is Philippines Ha? (Trap Remix):
Paano Ako Umungol? (Trap/Future Bass Remix):
Talaga!!! (Trap Remix):
Kambal Karibal [Part 2: Bobo Ka Pa Rin?] (Trap Remix):
Kambal Karibal [Part 1: Wag Mo Na Ako Idiin] (Trap Remix):
Xandra Ford (Trap/Moombathon Remix):
Izzaprank! [Manacc Prank] (Trap Remix):
Ako Lang Ba Guys? (Trap Remix):
Buknoy [Kuya Sikat Ka Na] (Trap Remix):
Kung Sasayaw Ka Nakatuwad (Trap Remix):
Maja Blanca (Trap Remix):
Mass Testing Ni DJ Loonyo (Trap Remix):
Kim Chiu 360 (Trap Remix):
Salamat Shopee (Trap Remix):
Coco Martin 24 Bars Challenge (Patayan):
Kim Chiu 24 Bars Challenge (Classroom):
Walang Ganun Mars (Trap Remix):
Ako To Si Natoy Na Mahal Na Mahal Ka (Lo-Fi Remix):
Ayoko Sa TikTok, Gusto Ko Sa Uling (Trap Remix):
Kapeng Matapang (Trap/Twerk Remix):
Hi Everything (Trap Remix):
Gusi Yun Hindi Gucci (Trap Remix):
Bak Pri (Trap Remix):
John Asa Ka Naman (Budots/Trap Remix):
P.I. Niyo Globe (Trap Remix):
KORNBIP-19 (Trap Remix):
Keme Latik (House/Trap Remix):
Dumbbell [KPL Thesis Rant] (Trap Remix):
Banggaan (Trap Remix):
Water Oh (Trap/Moombahton Remix):
Prrat Prrat Prrt Prrt (Trap Remix):
Piyok King L3bron (Trap Remix):
Whatever (Trap Remix):
Sabi Ko Na Barbie (Twerk Remix):
Tawag Ka Pulis, Pulis Din Ako Eh (Trap Remix):
Ugh Sarap! (Trap Remix):
Ang Dumi Dumi Mo!!! (Trap Remix):
Inaamin Ko Na Wala Akong Kasalanan Eh (Trap Remix):
My God These Kawaii Allergies (Future Bass Remix):
Koreanong Bisaya (Budots/Trap/Dubstep Remix):
These Allergies (Glitch Hop Remix):
Nasaan Si Rodney? (Trap Remix):
Stop Quiboloy (Trap Remix):
Gost Payter (Trap Remix):
Vape Sa FX (Trap Remix):
Tagapagligtas Ng Pilipinas (Trap Remix):
Manok Na Pula (Trap Remix):
Listen Look And Listen And Learn (Trap Remix):
Ang Mga Ibon Na Lumilipad (Trap Remix):
Nasan Ang Sabaw? (Trap Remix):
Adobong Manok (Trap Remix):
You Do Note (Trap Remix):
The P.I. Song (Trap Remix):
Wala Na Finish Na (Trap Remix):

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  1. Hello sir franz . I would like to ask a permission to use this sound . I just want to use it for my intro in YT . I will gave you a proper credits once you've given a permission. I'll wait for your reply sir.

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