Music star, Davido who visited the Inspector General of Police office was ordered that his team take down the cameras during the meeting.
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  1. Timid boy, I woulda put that officers 👮‍♀️ on the hot seat and no way in hell am I gonna hold the meeting without my camera crew….. All he knows how to do is sing and pregnant 🤰

  2. This how your so-called idolized celebrity DAVIDO is going to deny you like JUDA ISCARIOT and give you away to your enemies, DAVIDO makes noise on social media, now he couldn't even use is social media power to speak up the TRUTH. WOW……………………………………. What a disappointment ! RICH KID is afraid of police, ewooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. Intimidation at it's height. I can't blame Davido at all for refusingto be a protester. We should know our leaders better. At this point I can clearly say Cameroon and Nigeria government are siblings .He shouldn't have accepted the meeting in the first place.

  4. Let's be honest nothing wrong with closed door meeting atleast the camera as captured them inside the office. So they can have serious men to men discussion.

  5. Davido really fall my hand o…

    And what the fuck is wrong with you protesting????? Or all the shout is all for clouts!… Come on, the course we are fighting for is no joke,hence you must be bold!!!… Just shift o let bold people get through biko

  6. Davido is a coward. Yall make noise on Twitter but can't face the authorities when it's time. Denying u didn't protest but there for your fans simply means " I don't care but lets just do it before they say davido no come out " . Shame ! I hate rubbish.

  7. David did you just said with your mouth you did not protest you fall my hand bro Davido for the first time in history i never expected you to say that even with all genuinety… What are you scared for you are exercising your human wright activity in fact you also have the right to deny you having a closed door meeting with people of such who joke with people life and let the world see what would have happened next.. Lekbaah say so much love from Kuala

  8. This is arrant nonsense. How can u say u didn't protest when u identified with the protesters. This country is a big joke.

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