Kho Gaya Main | Roshan Bhat Ft. Jazzy Sadhu | Lyric Video

Often love is all about ecstasy, but no meaningful relationships materialize from it. Waiting, longing and distance has its own importance in love. ‘Kho Gaya Main’ talks about the space of solitude and the possibility of appreciation for your partner emerging out of it. Don’t fall in love – RISE !

Audio Credits :
Singer, Songwriter, Composer – Roshan Bhat
Composer, Producer – Jazzy Sadhu
Mix, Master – Jacob Panlook

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Illustration, Motion Art :
ToiletPaper Comics
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Video Credits :
Lyrical Edit – Vipul Khunte
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  1. Damn! You guys are Ace ❤❤ keep writing such beautiful songs this world needs more music like this one! Sending love – Rupesh

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