Kolaboy – Kolapiano (EP)

Kolaboy - Kolapiano (EP)


Kolanicles continues as, Kolaboy flies back to the East where he adopts the Igbo Language, Culture and Tradition as a brand and identity. Kolaboy is a beautiful embodiment of the Igbo heritage, when you see him in a red cap with the Odia encrypted hand fan, you need not be told what he represents.

Over the years, he has served us with nourishing melodies but with Kolapiano he has conducted successful experimentation of infusion of his people’s culture and sound into Amapiano that originated from South Africa, credit to the creative symbiosis between him and Caution LXE that gave birth to Kolapiano (Nwa Eze) with the inclusion of the soulful introduction of Oja by Ojadiligbo which catapulted the sound into the mainstream Nigerian music scene.

From his lyrics and delivery, we are meant to understand that Kolaboy is a kin observant of the Society but on a path that he considers his mental health to be of great concern to him thereby resulting to the central theme of Kolapiano EP being escapism. Kolaboy recognizes the plight of the masses occasioned by the shortcomings of the government but constantly expresses that he doesn’t want to be bothered by the hard times, he just wants to chill and vibe. In Kolapiano Vol. 6 (Isakaba) Remix ft. Timaya and Kolapiano Vol. 3 (Sewaa Sewaa) ft. Lawrence Obusi we are fully introduced to the magical and captivating sound and philosophy of Kolaboy which is on constant development.

Suffering and Smiling is a common Nigerian mentality, it is the effect of hope being lost in the people which makes them feel like they no longer have power over the situation thereby resulting to managing it by finding a means to make themselves happy amidst the chaos as explored in Kolapiano Vol. 4 (Country No Good).

In Kolapiano Vol. 2 (Isakaba) ft. Ojadiligbo which became a viral sensation, Kolaboy collaborated with Ojadiligbo whose excellence in playing the Oja (a flute made out of wood, indigenous to the Igbo Tribe of Nigeria) is unquestionable. A masterpiece was made and the song moved to chart across different streaming platforms, peaking at number 8 on YouTube. Kolaboy effortlessly delivers in each of the tracks in Kolapiano (EP).

Some could act like they are not seeing what he has been doing but the marks are everywhere for everyone to see as he keeps promoting the Igbo culture across the globe and on every stage, he graces, be it in Ghana where he went for tour or in Nigeria where he is frequently moving from city to city, making everyone dance to the sound of his music. Kolaboy is a custodian of the culture, a reminder that we must not forget where we are coming from.



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