Lady SU€ID£ X Davido | Rochas Okorocha ARR£TED | Simi & Bobrisky

Lady t SU€ID£ X Davido | Rochas Okorocha Arrest | Simi & Bobrisky #bobrisky #davido #simi

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  1. You are very correct @Adamslink.i had my share of my abuse from my cousins.That guy Wey go collect all those things na childishness.Also the guy wey wake comot na very sensible act.

  2. I support the man on 100% cannot buy something for my girlfriend my girlfriend will use it to go and see all other guy. There's no sense. in nah😠😂😆

  3. I will like to comment on the guy who took his iPhone 📱 and wig he bought for his girlfriend when he saw her with another man. I won't do it. However, that doesn't mean any man or person would react same way. I don't judge him for retrieving the items he bought for her back. As long as there's no incident of physical abused or violence during the process retrieving his phone and wig back? Am okay 👌 with that. Just to teach some girls a listen that it doesn't pay to be double dipping. It doesn't pay to want to be a playa…it doesn't worth it being disgrace and embarrassed in public. Next time she would make better decisions in the future.

  4. Bro girls is to many even Canada 🇨🇦 government are currently borrowing husbands from wives and pay them 😂😂😂😂 so just do yours and leave the rest

  5. How can I take my life because of a guy God forbid I will rither remin single Dan to die because of relationship.. well RIP

  6. Some times some of those boys that has smoked and does these things has backup when you interfere them fit leave the girl gather you with him other gangs and beat u… Maybe that is y those guys minded their business… And most girls like to follow those type of guys.

  7. Adams link my guy, i alwyz believe and trust most of ur judgment on many issues but u see on the issue of when u see a lady and ask her if she has a boyfriend and she replied YES that u should walk away, my bro u lie. The only thing i won't do is to go for a girl whose boyfriend is my friend, neighbour or someone i know that Knows me too, if not i will worry her even if she told me that she has a boyfriend. Some will just tell u that to discharge u or to know if U're man enough to go for the battle over what u want. Bro even if it's true, i will not give up provided she's not married. If her so called boyfriend is ok and caring she will never dump him for me. Is a Battle Field For The Stronger 💪

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