Lewandowski's 5 goals against Real Madrid

Lewandowski's 5 goals against Real Madrid

Watch all five of Robert Lewandowski’s goals for Borussia Dortmund against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League.



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  1. Incase anybody didnt knew, Lewandowski scored 4 goals in one game, and 1 goal in another game . They met twice, at group stage and semi finals. Not that the 4 goals are any less impressive but just was confused myself when i saw 5 goals becuz i clearly remember the semifinal finishing 4-1 to Dortmund and Real almost making a comeback with 2-0 victory at second leg. While Barca lost 4-0 at first leg and again 3-0 at second leg at the hands of Bayern same year.

  2. Back in 2013, I only knew Barcelona and real Madrid and I loved playing cricket. I always thought Barcelona and real Madrid won every game….since this semi final…I became a footballer and gave a middle finger to Cricket ❤️

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