Lionheart Movie Is Over Hyped? Soundcity Award; Where's Kizz Daniel? Teni Better Than Peruzzi


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  1. I don't mean to sound so racist ,,but Yoruba always discriminate on other tribes in terms of award,where is tekno,flavour,reekado banks,Duncan mighty,,,,I think soon every state will start there own individual awards,,,and same Yoruba are criticising lion heart because is an igbo movie , I think there is a big injustice Don to the igbos all over the country,and soon we will be free from it then we will know which tribe has been representing the country internationally.

  2. My friend shut up,that movie is better than chief daddy and the rest of them…. Unsubscribing from ur channel… Always talking nonsense

  3. Who said lionheart is overhyped, those set of people are mad… What where expecting to see in the movie? That's a movie for matured minds

  4. The movie promoted Africa especially Nigeria…it showed the rich diversity and culture in nigeria..thumbs up..seeing the old Nollywood faces.

  5. I like the fact that there was no wasting time meaning unnecessary scene which is good .also it a short movie which is good and also because it was shot in 2016 I think as at that time Nigeria movie still had basic script

  6. 1)Lionheart was a lovely movie!
    2) It potrayed the "african uncle" in a different light. Not all are fighting for property
    3) Picture quality was SUPERB.
    4)Actors were amazing
    5) Story line was very relatable

  7. People shouldn't see my comment as a way to put the movie Lionheart down or put Genevieve hard laboured job down,I went all the way to convince and interpreted part of the movie when it was brought for assessment by Netflix in my school because I'm half yoruba half igbo and very fluent with both languages,my comment is based on my view and other students from other countries I spoke with concerning the movie,I was surprised to hear someone says i made that comment because that movie is a Nigerian movie,we tap from various movies both old and new because doing project you search everywhere for materials,old Nigeria movie makers like Ogunde,Baba Sala,Ade love,Jimi odumosu,Tade ogidan gets standing ovation whenever we view their works for more ideas, knowledge and perfection, all these I mentioned are all Nigerians even Pat Nebo who was the producer of lionheart always get good recommendation for most of his jobs here,To be a very good student you have to study movies from different countries,Some part of Black panther was taking from Ogunde's movie Jaiyesimi,I always want the best from my country.

  8. No, lion heart wasn't over hyped. I watched the movie on Netflix and I liked it. I think Teni deserved the award more than peruzzi, and I'm a peruzzi fan.

  9. Genevieve music years back was catastrophe….when I watched the movie on Netflix I screamed oh oh
    🙄🙄🙄Genevieve not again

  10. Same thought about Lions Heart. Great movie production but just basic storyline. I told my wife immediately after seeing it only to see the same reaction here

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