Liv's Life – Playing Games/ My Jazzy Life – Needs To Love Herself

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  1. I think the salt is salty now because his new girlfriend is being adored by his family so she is trying to get him into isolation so she can have him to her self she was the wedge between his happiness and he find that out by walking away

  2. Chris is an asshole and he didn't seem to give a fuck about jazz getting body shamed. He do it to her too.

  3. I like how you telling theses stories lol liv and life of Kira they need to stop playing games with theses men because they don't want the kids father's to stop wanting to see the kids it's was sad to hear jazzy insinuate that she is suicidal over a friend it's sad and ever time some one say the girl name jazzy repeat it that is why I believe it is about her jazzy needs to get herself together

  4. I Said the same thing she just want to get Jerrod by himself do they can have sex and then she can throw it up in her face because she know if he come visit he will have to stay with them she is do transparent, wanting a man who don't want her if coarse he will fall for it because she keeps laying on her back for anyone that shows her attention .

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