Manticore Paint Night Kit – Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures – WizKids D&D Minis & Vallejo Paints

Review of the Paint Night Kit for the manticore unpainted mini from WizKids’ Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures line for D&D! Click “Show More” for timestamps, corrections, and other links.
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Special thanks to @WizKidsGames for sending us this review copy.

0:00 Introduction
0:14 Turntable view of packaging
0:32 How the product is being distributed through friendly local game stores (FLGS)
0:59 Unpainted manticore
1:13 Lore about the manticore
2:06 Paint kit included in the box
2:46 Included instructions on how to paint the manticore
2:57 Theo’s painting experience
4:39 Theo’s painted manticore
5:15 Comparing the mini with the manticore from the most recent prepainted Icons of the Realms release from Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus: Arkhan the Cruel & The Dark Order
5:31 This manticore on Dwarven Forge and WarLock Tiles terrain with various prepainted minis for scale
5:45 Feedback about the official painting instructions and additional information we think would be helpful for beginning painters
7:39 Conclusions
8:17 Related products: the Nolzur’s unpainted manticore and the upcoming Ogre Zombie Paint Night Kit
9:05 Announcement of winner of the giveaway from the WizKids mystery unboxing
9:20 Our sponsor, The Deck of Many, has launched a FREE playtest for a new 5e campaign setting. Heckna features a new carnival setting called the Revelia, overseen by the titular Heckna, a Ringleader who loves nothing more than to fright and delight carnival-goers. Everything you need to get acquainted with the Revelia is included in this document, including stat blocks for new, original creatures and magical items. Be sure to check it out today at

WizKids Paint Night info page, including participating local stores:
Realmsmith painting tutorial:
How-to-paint-miniatures site:

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  1. I have some awesome D&D minis to paint in my pile of shame. I have gone a little over board with how many unpainted minis I've collected.

  2. I love Nolzur's Minis. They are great single day projects that only take a few hours. They are a great break in between wargames armies.

  3. I love vallejo paints but I'm a bit thrown off by these pots, I wonder if they come with the same amount as their dropper bottles or it's less (I suppose the latter), in any case I might get it just for the skin tones, as it comes with good variety, and the Manticore mini is great!

  4. This set is missing a varnish, at least a matt varnish should be supplied. The set should also teach new painters about varnishing as no one wants chipped off paint when a mini falls off the table or wore away paint from handling the mini itself.

  5. Hey Theo, enjoyed the video. What I didn't enjoy was trying to go and download that Heckna playtest material. It's not free: they want your Email, real Name, Address, Credit Card info, phone number, etc.. In their disclosure Heckna suggest contacting all third part venders and to read their policy's to find out what they do with your information. I really don't find any of that cool or trustworthy. In the future I'm just going to stick with your opinion on unboxing & reviews.

    Thanks Theo & have a great day.

  6. Hey- that's a pretty good job, Theo! Definitely table ready. I'm also glad to hear there was plenty of paint left over. Makes sense that the Manticore gives you a good starting point so you can use the rest of the materials elsewhere. Looks fun!

  7. Don’t know what you were worried about Theo it turned out really good mate this was a nice change to the normal videos 👍🏻

  8. It looks like a great initiative. I’m glad they went with a larger model for starters, I find that the tiny models can be quite intimidating for beginners.

  9. Honestly the fact Theo painted this is way more interesting then the product itself (:

    Not bad product though, like the idea of how paints with minis and paint supplied

  10. My game store let me purchase it last week because I can't risk being around other people, even to paint. Painted it last Saturday. I had a blast. Thanks for all your great videos.

  11. Sweet. I like the tail spike effect. Painting minis is a great way to pass the time or to even give one's self a sense of creative achievement. Always feel free to take as many creative liberties as you want. It's your mini. If you want a neon green and blue manticore with blood red tail spikes, it's your world. Go crazy.

  12. Interesting how they included Vallejo paints and not The Army Painter paints from D&D Monsters Paint Set. Cool set overall by the way.

  13. I don’t know if I can paint or not unfortunately. I would probably get too nervous and mess up. I have so many unpainted minis.

  14. Congrats to the winner! I would really like to see a Theo paint video BTW, I'm sure it would help encourage folks on the fence about trying it!

  15. Thanks for sharing with us your manticore bud! I am a huge supporter of painting your own models, it's very therapeutic , and I often listen to your videos while painting ( LOL I'm actually in the middle of painting some knock off third party sisters of battle as I'm watching this).

    I have a couple bits of advice for new painters I think should be basic info for everyone.

    1. I know it says the minis that Wizkids puts out are preprimed but I always hit them with a rattle can to make sure, besides if you prime them black then use a light overdusting of white primer it brings out both shadows and the white helps you see the details. Make sure if your painting something like reaper bones that you don't use a rattle can primer because the model ends up with a sticky exterior that gums up your paint and can smudge the details all to hell.

    2. When using a rattle can primer stay at around 10" or more at all times using short quick spritz of paint. If you get to close or let the primer puddle up to much the chemicals in the primer that are added to keep it spraying properly/ not cake up can actually start to melt your model. It's always better to go light and apply another coat after the first has dried!

    3. Either make or buy a wet pallet. There are numerous videos on YouTube showing how to make one with basic house hold items you have around so they are almost free to make, a little stand for painting figures can be helpful as well ( I just fold tape to make it double sided and use an old pill bottle or something similar).

    4. The wet pallet will help with thinning your paints but it is extremely crucial to make sure they are not to heavy because it will mask all the details, you should always be using at least 2 thin coats!!!!!

    5.i'm gonna catch major hell over this already I know but I'm just going to own up to it, I mainly use craft paints, and for beginners I suggest you do like wise. For a little pot of paint at a game store you could be looking at $10 USD or more, where you can go to hobby lobby and get one twice the size for like $2 USD or less if you find them on sale. You won't get the pro paint job from these like the better paints but if your a beginner your not going to be doing pro work out the gate anyhow.

    6. The most important part is have fun, be inventive, nobody can tell you your Goblins can't have cotton candy pink colored skin by Cthulhu! Always remember if you screw up really bad you prime back over them or strip the paint and start over! Have fun my friends!

  16. Great job on the overview and the paint job, Theo! Your channel should have more subscribers, it's my go-to channel whenever I want to get a good look at the minis. It's a small thing, but it always brightens my day a little bit when you post a new vid.

    Stay safe, and thanks for the video!

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