MBUSC & Meher Baba Jayanagar Center Virtual Sahavas – 17th October

Sahavas details:
1-Welcome Speech by Sis.Narmada Nagesh.
AMB Jayanagar Centre.Bangalore.
2-Baba Darshan (Video Clip)
3-Prayer – Namo Meher Baba by Umadevi Pidugu. Hyderabad.
4-Incidents & stories from the book
‘Mehera-Meher’ by Sis. Renu Ravi.
Translation to Telugu by Sis.Narmada Nagesh.
AMB Jayanagar Centre.Bangalore.
5-Song by Sis.Shyamala Hyderabad
6-Speech in English & Telugu by Bro.Mallikharjuna Rao.Hyderabad.
Editor.Beloved Baba Magaine.
Topic: ‘Divine Universal Law v/s Material Law’
7-Song by Sis.Lakshmi Mohan.
AMB Jayanagar Centre.Bangalore.
8-Naam Dhun by Bro. Praveen.
(Meherabad Samadhi Darshan –Live )
10-Prayer by Sis.Narmada Nagesh.
11-Aarati by Sis.Chandana Sridhar.
12-Blessing from Baba (Video Clip).
Anchoring by Bro.Praveen.
AMB Jayanagar Centre.Bangalore.
Baba Lovers are requested to participate in this Sahavas & enjoy it with our Beloved.
Sunday Programme ( 5pm to 7.15 pm )
Detailed Programme will be put up on Sunday morning.

Jai Meher Baba



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