“Me I am DRAINED” – Nigerian actress, Mercy Aigbe bemoans the new dollar to naira exchange rate


Nigerian actress, Mercy Aigbe Hajiah Amminah popularly known as Mercy Aigbe has complained about the new exchange rate.

The popular thespian stated that it has been frustrating for business owners and killing businesses likewise.

Today the exchange rate for dollar to naira increased, as one dollar now equals one thousand three hundred and ten naira (1310).

Lamenting the situation, the actress shared on her story,

“Exchange Rate is killing business! Gosh at this point I am Frustrated! I’ve been trying to order goods since last week for my store @mag_divas, I kept hoping dollar will come down, but it keeps increasing. Today I had to order with tears in eyes and sadness in heart … This country is in shambles Oti sumi.”

She further went on to ask other business owners how they were holding up with the high exchange rate.

Fans and colleagues have shared their experience with the new rise in the exchange rate via the comment section under the post.

While some acknowledge that things were getting hard but they would not give up others wondered if the exchange rate would fall or rise tomorrow.

Below are some of the comments,

I couldn’t get all my goods completely because of dollar rates 😢 😢 I am in severe pains 😢😢😢

Honestly we experienced thesame today paying for goods. This is the worse situation i have ever seen in business😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

Is even worst for we small business owners😢 is becoming so tiring 🤦🏾‍♀️


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