Moametal vs Hideki Aoyama / Babymetal Cute Silly Moments | METTAL MAFFIA | REACTION | LVT / DJ SKALE

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  1. Hey guys we are so happy to be back! For more content please be sure to subscribe, hit that bell! And if you’d like to get a personalized reaction video please be sure to check out that donation link!

  2. you dont understand the last clip. it was the end of the show and Su held the last note so long because Moa and the other avenger had to stay put til she stopped and started saying we are Babymetal then at the last shout she did not give it making the band to continue the rif for longer than was suppose to be. they had to keep going til Su ended it. that is what made the last clip so funny.

  3. Su and Moa have always played that game during the Megitsune breakdown live; she makes a face that Su has to copy, or she says what she wants for dinner sometimes xD
    She is always pinching Su's ear or blowing her with her mouth to her ears or to her face like in this video. Moa is a little mischievous being.

  4. 😂😂😂You can actually see a big (?) in Dj Skale's face, when Lvt is talking about the meme🤣🤣🤣Youre great Guys💚👍👍👏👏

  5. I have 1 photo of Su making faces behind her mask to Moa and she has her tongue out and her eyes crossed. This was fun and put a ot of smiles on faces so thanks for that.

  6. "vs" only in the fun sense as I understand that the girls, umm, make this "women" are taking guitar and drum lessons from the guys. Don't want to make their senseis angry, wouldn't be respectful to Kitsune 🦊.

  7. I made some fried chicken, put it in front of a flashlight, and shone it up into the night sky. I figure Moa will be here soon now that I've activated the Moa signal.

  8. Someone PLEASE send these guys some BABYMETAL shirts or at least a flag or banner! LVT and MAGZ are definitely big BABYMETAL fans. I know Dirty D and some of the other guys like them too, but LVT and MAGZ seem like legit BABYMETAL fans.

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