My Jazzy Life – It Just Don't Add Up

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  2. She's such a mess! I just can't understand why she has absolutely no common sense :/ I do think she has gas in her apt though, because when she was moving in, she made a comment that she had to set up gas service and pay a deposit, since she'd never had gas before. I don't know how she manages to beg for (and get!) so much money from her subs. Eventually, even they're going to get tired of it! Always a sad story …

  3. Afternoon from the texas area and i don’t even watch jazz anymore cause i catch her in some many lies it’s not even funny anymore and if see on her face book she thanking chris for getting her and the water and juice and i can’t believe people is believed her foolishness mess and honestly y’all ppl is putting money in her pockets cause y’all talking about her ppl is going to look at her videos and honestly i use to look at videos but like i said before i saw throw her lies and other stuff too and honestly her videos is wack and boring too..

  4. Ok she proved she had no water ,She washing dishes in all that dish soap ,But did you notice she didn't make any clean water to rinse them she just dried them with a dish towel,She need to keep the kids in her room she can put their toddler beds in her room ,The older girls is not responsible for watching them twins,

  5. Jazzman ain't sheet, why the hell couldn't the twins stay in her room, SHE IS THE MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!, Jazzman, the twins would most likely not listen and go to sleep, keeping Kailyn and Amaya up, how is that fair to them, i hate what she is doing to her daughters, i hate that Chris wide azz is still living there, he is most likely waiting for her income tax check. I was feeling a tad bit bad after she was exposed but my anger is being re-enforced because of the bullsheet she continues to put those little girls through, I AM PISSED! I love you Vette because you took the words right out of my mouth.

  6. She needs cash apps to refill them liquor bottles on top of that cabinet.She is Chrissy jr. but the sad part is Chrissy is real about this, her ceiling is messed up she even burned her old furniture n the letters off her wall.

  7. Why wouldn't she get paper plates, cups and utensils, so she wouldn't have to worry with dishes.. Knowing she does not have water?? Supposedly!
    She wants us to believe Tommy walked to Target and HEB with all them bags, yea right!

  8. I figured Jazzy was trying to make her situation worse than what it is. I don’t believe she doesn’t have water. I believe she may have turned her water off for show but the reality is in my opinion is that she has water, all she has to do is turn it back on from where she turned it off from. God forgive me if she really doesn’t have any water but I don’t trust her because she lies so much. She’s trying to get money from the public and she’s also trying to be like Chrissy except Chrissy is really going through hell right now.

  9. Happy Sunday miss vette❤ when we have been without power,the gurls slept in our bed! My husband would sleep on the couch! She is a slovenly piss poor excuse! She suffers from chronic LIEABITIES! I agree with all you said! When I told our kids not to touch stuff,they DIDN'T TOUCH IT! case closed! She used dirty snow water to wash dishes🤢🤮 ummm paper plates,cups,flatware etc! We keep that stuff cause when we have no power,we have no water! Speakin of water ummmm stock up on cases of water! We buy cases of gallon water,because we have well water where we live! She is just disgustin

  10. I haven’t seen the video but Jazz has gas. I remember bc when she moved she was dry begging bc she said her mom helped her with the security deposit but she still had to pay an electric and gas deposit. She even went on about how she’d never had gas before. I heard she took the kids in the snow…y do that if bc u have no way of warming them back up? Also, I believe she just turned the water off at the valve. She saw the views and CashApp’s Chrissy is getting and decided to follow suit.

  11. Texas is always working on their water pipelines, disaster or not. She even made a video about them not having water before. She should’ve bought bottled water or have a water delivery service. They didn’t dress up like it was cold at all, especially using a portable heater.

  12. She sounds stupid ain't no way,I would put a heater in them kids room,the twins them twins would of been in the room with me,can you imagine if they burned there self with the heater are they knock the heater over,that would be blamed on Kaylin😡

  13. Jazz showed that empty refrigerator so people can cash app her for food. This girl has no shame taking from subscribers during a pandemic. I think she is a master manipulator and con artist. I don't for one second think she is as slow as she portrays to be.

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