My Jazzy Life – Just Don't Want To Do The Work

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  2. She had it made when the physical therapist was coming to her ,She didn't even have to leave her home,A lot of people have told her to get her kid's evaluated,Even people who are going through it,She still don't want to listen

  3. Jazzy is not a great advocate for her kids. Jazzy also messed up childcare to where she can’t get child care anymore. She’s not a good mother at all.

  4. That video just keeps puttin her own trash out there! She has the nerve to have the mentality that she the only mother with older kids then had multiples! Gurl bye! That nasty pad isnt the 1st time either! I've read in comments that there was one behind her nasty couch!🤢🤮🤦‍♀️😡 and like ya said ain't nobody hatin on her or jealous! Homeless folk have better hygiene then she does!

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