Nathaniel Bassey buys new AirPods for lady after her old one broke during the Hallelujah challenge

Pastor and minister Nathaniel Bassey has bought a woman a brand new pair of Apple AirPods after her old ones got broken during the Hallelujah Challenge.

The minister is quite popular for his Hallelujah Challenge, which he began in 2017, a praise medley where people join either online or physically.

The young woman had taken to Twitter during this year’s Hallelujah Challenge to share how she accidentally cracked part of her AirPods while cleaning them.

She said that because she couldn’t afford a new one, she put it back in its case and prayed to God to fix it before she uses it again.

She wrote;

“So after Hallelujah Challenge Day 9, I was cleaning my AirPods and I mistakenly broke one part of it , gingerly put it back in its case and went God abeg, I can’t afford to get new AirPods rn, I told Him I wanted it to be fixed the next time I used it and I went to bed.”

After seeing the tweet, Nathaniel Bassey was intrigued and asked for her information right away so he could get her a new pair of AirPods.

Interestingly, the man of God kept to his word and delivered a new AirPods worth $249.99 to her. She excitedly went online to express her gratitude and announced that she launched it with his new song, “Jesus Iye.”

See the post below.

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