NDLEA Warns Parents Of New Trend: Illicit Drugs Packaged In Fanciful Bottles In Lagos State

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has issued a warning to Nigerian parents regarding a concerning new trend in drug packaging.

The agency’s spokesperson, Babafemi, took to social media to alert parents about the use of small, attractive bottles to package illicit drugs, particularly in the Lekki, Ikoyi, and Victoria Island (VI) areas of Lagos.

In a post on his social media handle, Babafemi shared a photo of the bottle and urged parents to be vigilant.

He emphasized the importance of checking their children’s bags and pockets for these distinctive bottles.

The drugs being packaged in these bottles are known as “Loud” or “Colos,” and each bottle reportedly sells for ₦15,000.

The NDLEA has already taken action by making arrests and seizures related to this new trend of packaging.

By alerting parents and the public, the agency aims to curb the spread of these illicit substances and protect the youth from falling prey to their dangerous effects.

The use of fancy packaging is a cause for concern as it may attract young people who are enticed by the appearance of the bottles.

The NDLEA’s warning serves as a reminder to parents to stay vigilant, engage in open communication with their children, and monitor their activities.

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