NFL, Texans respond to Deshaun Watson's legal situation | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

NFL, Texans respond to Deshaun Watson's legal situation | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Mike Florio and Chris Simms read through the Texans’ and NFL’s response to Deshaun Watson’s legal situation and discuss whether his NFL career could be in jeopardy. #HoustonTexans #NFL #DeshaunWatson
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NFL, Texans respond to Deshaun Watson’s legal situation | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  1. DeShaun is cooked. Like many, I initially thought some conspiracy was going on to make him look bad, but literally every bit of evidence, even the evidence he's presented, makes him look bad.

    If I'm wrong, I'll apologize, but with just what we know about, it would take an unprecedented amount of evidence of a conspiracy against him, to show his innocence.

    He's guilty, and his career is about to be over

  2. no, watson deserves to be suspended for the whole year without pay. don't let me get off easy with paid vacations like when police DID with their people when they got b people.

  3. This too complicated, ugly and big for Watson, he will be on exempt list. Texans should trade him for a 2nd and a 3rd round pick. Let another team pay him not to play for one year. He is at least not playing for one year, this pile of coathangers will take a while to untangle.

  4. Florio talks as if Watson has already been found guilty in a court of law. Let this play out and see if it stays strictly a civil matter or moves to criminal charges. To say Watson should stop trying to fight it is nonsensical. If he is innocent or guilty, It is human nature to still fight as I am sure Florio would if people were making allegations against him.

  5. Any Lawyers going to tell you to settle…YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO TO TRIAL…Rusty Harden sure ruined his reputation here along not servin the best interest of his client…turned a $100,000 problem into a 20M dollar problem…the Texan will cut Watson in the end…

  6. If he did it admit take your consequences if he didn't do it don't admit it no matter what that is ridiculous to admit to something like that I don't care what anyone says. I know some say otherwise but I'm not going to if I know I have done nothing wrong don't listen to florio if you didn't do anything.

  7. Fighting Dogs is terrible and Mike Vick paid the price…. However… If Watson came out and admitted truth to these allegations, there will be no reprieve or forgiveness… Are you kidding me?? In this woke culture world we live in, that dude will be DONE….

  8. Texans probably are uneducated as to what kind of drawers he likes. NFL doesn’t have to do anything until it’s time. Florio and Sweetcheeks Simms have already got him leaving the league. Simms why haven’t you filed a civil suit against Watson ha ha ha

  9. This take was a disgrace. This was so unprofessional and bias I'm completely shocked. These two actually convicted Deshaun and he hasn't been charged or of anything. This was terrible. Also a better comparison would have been of Big Ben who payed off a woman and everything was kept hush hush. No Vick! This show is trash. Basically they're saying guy can't defend himself.

  10. If Watson admits to what they are claiming he did, he's going to jail anyway. Pretty sure breaking out your junk is not legal. Forcing someone to touch it is straight up assault. Watson has to fight at this point. He's stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  11. well, if it was josh allen you wouldn’t mind making it a bigger story Mike. An this isn’t even a big story barely hear it. All cause he’s a sjw? gemme a break with this woke bs. They aren’t victims they are the opposite

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