Nigerian bride breaks tradition as she walks down the aisle with her brother as her “Man of Honor” (VIDEO)

In a heartwarming change from tradition, a Nigerian bride has captured hearts by sharing a video of her walking down the aisle with her brother serving as her “man of honor.”

The bride opted to replace the customary “maid of honor” role traditionally held by a female friend or family member.

The maid of honor typically assists the bride throughout the wedding preparations and serves as her confidante and supporter on the big day.

By choosing her brother as her “man of honor,” the bride showcased the strong bond and special connection she shares with him.

The video, which has since gone viral, captured the emotional moment as the bride walked gracefully down the aisle, arm-in-arm with her brother, who stood by her side in a role typically reserved for a female counterpart, adjusting and handling her wedding gown and assisting her up the stairs.

The bride’s decision to break tradition and honor her brother in this way has sparked conversations about the changing dynamics of weddings and the importance of individual choice and personal connections in such joyous celebrations or events.

The video as inspired others to consider other ways of including their loved loved ones into their wedding ceremonies, showing the bonds of love and breaking gender norms and traditional roles.

Watch the video below:

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