Nigerian man allegedly deceived into donating kidney over $20million promise, left abandoned by former boss (VIDEO)


In a shocking revelation, Nwoko Eric, a 42-year-old man, has come forward to share his distressing ordeal after allegedly being deceived by his former boss into donating one of his kidneys to the boss’s younger brother, only to be abandoned after the transplant.

The incident, which took place in Lagos, Nigeria, has left Eric in a dire state while his boss’s brother enjoys good health.

According to Eric, in 2018, his boss, who was out of the country at the time, entrusted him with the responsibility of driving his ailing brother to Saint Nicolas Hospital for dialysis.

When the boss returned, he expressed gratitude to Eric for his assistance and informed him that his brother’s kidney had failed, posing a grave risk to his life.

Seizing the opportunity, the boss made an astonishing proposition: he asked Eric if he would be willing to donate one of his kidneys.

Pic: Nwoko Eric

Under the guise of a prayer, the boss allegedly applied a mysterious substance on Eric’s head and made grand promises.

He offered Eric a staggering sum of 20 million dollars, a house in America, and connections to wealthy individuals. Overwhelmed with excitement, Eric agreed.

Following numerous medical tests that confirmed their kidney compatibility, Eric underwent the operation.

However, since the transplant, he claims to have received no further medical treatment or the promised compensation.

He told me that he would give me 20million dollars , buy a house for me in America and connect me to his rich friend in America where I would be driving big cars. I was excited.

“Thereafter, he called his brother to inform him that I had agreed to donate one of my kidneys to him. They took me to the hospital , I did many tests and the doctors said my kidney matched his brother’s.

I was admitted for three days and on the agreed day, the operation was done. They gave me some medicine. But since 2018 till date, I have not been receiving treatment

Instead, his boss instructed him to resume work at the office, with a nominal monthly salary and warnings of deductions for health-related absences.

A week after my boss rented an apartment for me, he directed me to resume work in the office, and that I would be paid N70,000 a month. He warned that anytime I failed to come to work over health issues , he would deduct N30,000 from my salary. Even when I complained that I was weak, he would shout at me, saying I could survive with one kidney.

Eric, now frail and desperate, has reached out to his mother for help, who pleads for the boss to fulfill his promises and provide her son with the necessary medical assistance.

At the moment, my son cannot walk . He needs medical help. He has lost so much weight . I am only requesting that Mr Steve should help my son survive like his brother. Yes , we are poor, but I believe the AIG will help us get justice”, she said.

According to Tony Dania, the victim’s counsel, during the victim’s stay at Saint Nicholas Hospital, his boss’s younger sister, identified as Deborah, pretended to be his wife.

After a surgery performed by Dr. Gbagboye on December 22, 2018, the boss, Steve, arranged for an apartment for the victim and instructed him to stay away from the family.

A concerned individual took them to Zone 2 Police Command, where the police were informed and instructed to arrest Steve.

Dania emphasized that this case should serve as a precedent, as organ sales are illegal and criminal. He argued that Deborah’s act of signing as the victim’s wife was forgery, and the victim’s consent, obtained without proper understanding, should not be valid.

Dania stressed the importance of obtaining a donor’s consent for any surgery and claimed that the victim was deceived into signing the consent documents without being aware of their contents.

Legal counsel for Eric reveals that the victim’s boss has been arrested and is under interrogation.

Watch the video below:


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