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A Nigerian man has left many surprised after sharing the outrageous list he received from his landlord’s family for his burial ceremony.

The X user, identified as @T0LUSHE, disclosed that he received a letter containing a list of items he is to contribute towards the funeral of his late landlord.

According to the letter, the family demanded that he contribute the sum of N150,000, a goat, a bottle of Schnapps, 5 packs of beer, Palm wine, and other ludicrous items.

Nigerian man shares

They also mentioned that they know he won’t be able to attend the funeral in the east but they demand that he contributes the items on the list.

Bamboozled by the demands, the young man went online to share the letter and mentioned that he has not even lived up to a year in the house.

He captioned the post,

“Got this yesterday. I don’t understand Nigerians again o

I’ve not even live up to a year there.

They’re Igbo, I’m Yoruba. I only met the man twice. Zero relationship with the family.
I’ve been laughing intermittently since yesterday night 🤣🤣🤣”

See his tweet below,

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The man who identified as Eric had earlier advised men to ignore their wives whenever they are pregnant and only assist them financially.

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