Nigerian Woman Narrates How She Escaped One-Chance Operators After Church Service (VIDEO)


A Nigerian woman has shared her harrowing encounter with one-chance operators as she made her way home from church.

Taking to TikTok, she recounted her narrow escape from a potentially dangerous situation.

According to her account, she boarded a taxi that already had one passenger seated in the front and another in the back.

However, shortly after entering the vehicle, one of the passengers alighted and handed money to the driver.

To her surprise, the driver erupted in anger, berating the departing passenger for not paying the agreed-upon fare.

Adding to the confusion, he alleged that he had discovered money in the bag the passenger had left in the car’s trunk.

In that moment, the quick-thinking woman recalled a similar incident she had seen on the internet.

Realizing the danger she might be in, she swiftly made the decision to exit the vehicle.

As soon as she alighted, the “one-chance” operators sped away, leaving her unharmed.

As her TikTok post gains traction, the woman’s story has resonated with many, prompting discussions on personal safety and strategies of such criminals and how rampant such incidents are occuring during this ember months.

It serves as a reminder for individuals to stay informed about common scams and to share knowledge with others to protect against such schemes.

Watch the video below:


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