Nigerians React As DSS Quizzes Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage Over Statements Against President Buhari

Nigerians have condemned the recent invitation of musicians and entertainers by the Nigeria Secret Police, DSS, over statements made against the regime of President Muhammadu Buhari.
The DSS had invited and warned Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Waje and Yemi Alade threatening them not to incur the anger of this administration over their political comments.


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  1. All Nigerians that voted buhari in 2019 you got what u wanted.increase in petrol price , increase in electricity, increase in transport price, increase in school fees, increase in price of food but no increase in salary and loss of the few jobs available this is the worst government in Nigerian history

  2. I bet u tiwa and don jazzy will never speak out on this again and that’s what this government want. Nawa oooo… Let us join hands and chase this yeye government out

  3. Buhari is a useless president, Nigerians now know that he is a liar and a cheat! No change , no another level! Just killings and mayhem! Buhari had better be careful , Don Jazzy and Tiwa Savage are not Dasuki or nnamdi kanu! If anything happens to either of them, Hell will freeze over ! DSS take due note !

  4. Tipical of a failing administration, harassment of any body that say the obvious. The just keep failing as time progresses, APC has failed, simple and straight. What else can you call this. A wast of 8years for Nigerians.

  5. Where will all this gagging lead us to, while we keep on experiencing mal administration all over the place? Are we under second degree recolonization or second class slavery?

  6. Nigeria is truly now the China of Africa and a confirmed banana republic. It exists for the elite inner circles only. No freedom of speech and no good services. Let it divide asap. All southern , middle belt tribes should go with the Ododuwa or Biafra Nations of their choice. Those Southern governors still banking on 2023 presidential election can stay with their precious Nigeria.

  7. The current DSS DG needs to be relieved of his duties immediately for trying to intimidate Nigerians from commenting on the wrongs of the president whom we elected, was he not in Nigeria when this current president and his people were ridiculing the past president with insult and abuse, how many of them were arrested and intimidated then?
    This people should be careful not to push people to the wall

  8. A military man is always a military man,, and that is the animalistic behavior of buhari,, buhari himself talk a lot of trash against Jonathan administration and NO body or DSS did not invites him for questioning,, this administration is a military regime

  9. So no one can talk again in the country? This is the reason Buhari occupied all the relevant positions in the country with fulani herdsman, so he can arrest anyone that speak against his administration's. Nonsense government

  10. Nigeria like the United States is becoming a fascist state where law enforcement agencies pursue people that pose no threat to society while ignoring the threats we face from a fascist leader and his kinsmen of killers.

  11. Idiots, instead of tackling the myriads of problems they're putting the people through by their ineptitude and cluelessness, they keep monitoring complaints and criticisms.

  12. This is a wake up call to all self called celebrities that they dont have a voice and say in nigeria becos they only talk about I take your girlfriend and how they oppress you with money and power, they the celebrities dont care about the common man who buys and plays their music but only themselves and family UNA NEVER SEE ALL NIGERIA CELEBRITIES GO RELOCATE TO ABROAD .. if you dont speak for is right now with your platform or you all will be silent forever

  13. we dont get it right at all ,if there is a freedom of speech they wont jailed fela anikulapo kuti ,and they wont threw his mom from upstairs.if there is a freedom of speech,they wont wrongfully detained sowore and other good nigerian citizens .Once again Nigeria has lost every goddamn things simply because the country is a joke

  14. Nigerian celebrities whom observers in recent past considered to have supported FG President Mummahu Buhari, often remained silent trying not to be controversial, appeared unwilling to participate in mass protests are now being subjected to harassment; questioned for speaking up about social issues affecting the masses? now face intimidation, denied their civil and fundamental human rights ENSHRINED in the 1999 Constitution as Amended (missing in action). This is a provocateur move by Nigerian sss against innocent Nigerians & music artists/advocate for social justice issues..last time I heard RAPE is a HATE CRIME. #NaijaStandWitConsciousMuscians #NigeriansStandWitTiwaSavage #NaijaStandWitDonJazzy

  15. FBI will fight terrorist or bad groups in the US why Nigeria DSS fight the unarmed common Nigerians who just comes out to speak their minds when they fully know the truth. How I wish in 2023 this group should be deformed.

  16. I wish I can fast forward this zowbie Buhari admission bcos I'm tired of his disgrace and foolishness to Nigeria. DSS and other force are afraid of taking out Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen but the but they are very smart and strong when it comes to common man in Nigeria.

  17. Which Way Nigeria? I Still Don't Understand What Exactly Is Happening In This Our Recent Times, Only GOD Will Take Care Of This Country's Situation Right Now…

  18. These people are idiots trying to threaten and intimidate people for saying the truth about this rubbish administration. Stupid dictators. We seriously need to consider going our separate ways from this british brutish guinea failed project since 1960.

  19. So our freedom of speech and expression has been erased from the Nigerian constitution by this useless administration? They truly want to silence everyone

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