Nollywood actor Prince Adewale Adeyemo battles health issue, seek for public support

Access bank: 0031722753- Adewale Adeyemo
It’s been months Nollywood actor Prince Adewale Adeyemo has been battling with health issues and this has made the actor really depressed as he has no one to turn to.
Of course the body responsible for Theatre art practitioners has done its part to ensure that the actor get back to his feet.
Having undergone some medical treatments, which has seen to the recovery of the actor, Prince Adewale Adeyemo hereby seek for the assistance of well wishers to help in any ways they could to bring him back to his feet as he needs the sum of 750 thousand naira for his medical bills
We thereby urge Nigerians to help bring this actor back to his feet as life is very important right now
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  1. I really enjoy your movies Ana will help you. I am Nigerian and live the USA but I will instruct my managers to send to all the money and more when I wake up tomorrow. Please don’t cry, be happy thinking is not good for your health. I promise you. Thanks doc for your help. My name is Maureen brown

  2. God will heal you sir, god is your strength, i wonder why they are not paying this old people in tampa a good money on set oga ooo, i rather be my own and family and friends celebrity with enough the lord give me than being celebrity to the world with problem

  3. Thank you so much Doctor. I pray for a speedy recovery. Pls doctor try to use some gloves and Apron to prevent infections . We can all see the problem. Pls send his bank details so we can all
    With what we could. Thank you so much Doctor. When he is discharged he needs more care this is continuous. Care . God help us all.

  4. D yoruba movie theatre group is total nonsense.we ave younger ones making it in d industry who cant help pple like dis but to come on instagram to flunt wealth.pls save ur own now nd stop giving us nonsense movies where u can practise what u preach.awon ode

  5. This what nigeria government can help for people who needs that is why I love America they will first save your life unless God say is time

  6. You people should be helping each others now @nollywood if it is party now you people will be spending money lavishly this is so unfair 😭 please help on time if you want to 🙏🙏

  7. Where are all those most hardworking acting ladies that use range rovers to slap people. I want to know if this man actually act the same movies along with you billionaire actresses. N15K Ke? N60 something for test ! How much is MOET that you people use to brush teeth? Please I know you can help this man oh. Help your brother, uncor even father. Initially I was questioning why doc no use glove to handle IV, then I saw the hospital. My mouth shut quick quick.

  8. I always say to people here that we hv the best doctors in Nigeria, KUDOS to you doctor may almighty Allah keep uplift your knowledge and give you a long life as you are given ppl a second chance, Alhaji Adeyemo I wish you a quick recovery…Amin! He also need to get on dialysis to revive his organs…

  9. Pls doctor nd anybody dat hv ds presenter number. Hazmat oriyomi. Ibadan base. Pls hlp adds man wt money..iyabo ojo. Laide bakare. Yinka quadri..ogpgo hassan. Mercy aigbe..all d film actors nd actress please help him wt money.

  10. Olorun a woyin san sir,, please call oriyomi hamzat, he can help you gather the money from diaspora people, I mean people in abroad, because Nigeria of now adays people are struggling but no money.

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