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  1. No one really rates afobeats. They play two Of those songs and no one ever know how to dance to it and then the party goes back to dancehall. They copy dancehall

  2. How can Afro beats be bigger than dancehall? Nonsense! All them music spring from dancehall and if you listen keenly the artists draws their influences from dancehall. Don't you know Jamaican influences are all over London and the UK. Come on man… please. Seize this nonsense.

  3. popcaan makes music to entertain Burna boy makes music to educate and change people mind set. I can count on one hand how many song popcaan made with substance that spark the mind of listener Burna boy got way way way more.

  4. This competition between Afrobeats and Dancehall is foolishness. I like Dancehall and that’s my preference no matter how good some and I mean some of Afrobeats tunes sound. I’m proud of Jamaica and I will always support the music mainly because I think we deliver lyrics with more punch and more and better metaphors. I am only comparing Afrobeats Sung in English. Jamaica will never beat Africa 1.2 billion nation in votes and in support. But one thing we I can say Jamaica 2.7 million nation has in my opinion has made a greater impact in the music scene then Afrobeats. Reggea and Dancehall movement’s in Africa has been big since the 1970s – where in the Carribeans is Afrobeat movement 🤔. But big up my African brothers and sisters I love you all but Jamaica I will always support no matter what. Popcaan is a better artist than Burns boy / it’s just some people who don’t know how to select tunes

  5. Bro ofc Afrobeats a lead , smh mi hardly listen dancehall nu more bro , n me a one young artist , dancehall to me a fuckry rn still , tuh much waste artist , no unity , soo we naah gu mek it faaar ..

  6. For the Beenie Man clip, believe and know that when you are not fit, a little workout will have you breathing hard. It happens to me everytime I take a break from healthy eating and no gym. Coming back is hard.
    So a little help doesnt hurt.
    I am proud of him for doing it, many Jamaican men are skinny but not healthy, and the smoking doesn't help either……..

  7. Well if all of Africa voting for Afro beats comparing to the amount of people voting for dancehall….thats whats going on

  8. In regards to afrobeat yes because they support each other's music..a critical thing to pay attention to is um..Africa is a CONTINENT and Jamaica is a COUNTRY, an island at's not about talent and influence these days, it's numbers and Afrobeats artist have a continent behind them so nuh competition nuh di deh..Jamaican artist and people could take a page out of their book In regards to being unified, culturally..

  9. From my point of view vybz kartel didn't lose needed can i say wiz kid wind…… check out that I'm from st.Lucia I grow up lesson to vybz kartel. Started to lesson to wiz kid three years a back so how can I say WIZ KID beat VYBZ KARTEL

  10. Dream one of Popcaan hits only man she want what he buss with new year new era Drake what carry Popcaan internationally and if Kartel was out Popcaan wouldn't have make it that big

  11. Dancehall real riddins hoodtop joyride Showtime playground grasscat hurricane lightning peppersead orgasm medicine 80's into 90's was dancehall early 2000's got the end of dancehall after that Jamaican music change busy signal konshens tarrus Riley Romain virgo Christopher Martin them artist keep it up authentic dancehall reggae vibes

  12. Read most comments dancehall is born jamericans shabba super cat bounty beenie buccaneer general degree red rat goody Frisco kid Harry toddler Vegas Sean Paul shaggy spragga Benz Wayne wonder mad cobra terror fabulous baby Cham Hawkeye goffy lady saw Tanya Patra lagy shabba lady g snow Michigan & smiley junior Tucker pan head nardo ranks Nicodemus junior cat Chico Cecile elephant kiprich alozade tok innocent crew tanto & devonte just to name a few that's dancehall it would ah dominate everything Jamaican the most influential music in the world nowadays is fckery

  13. No clashing needed between Burna Boy or Popcaan. Based on the comments of the fans, both artists will most likely put out a collaboration next and various other business ventures. If the ppl are demanding it…they will do best to keep the ppl in tuned.😎

  14. Africa Population Compared to Jamaica population would be a joke but dancehall sales a worldwide no joke

  15. Dancehall gave away its culture long time ago interms of the music, pop ( tropical pop ) ( reggaeton ) ( jungle/grime/ garage music ) and now ( Afrobeat ) are all the offspring of dancehall and they all doing way better, WHY??

  16. beenie man jus a train , wi jamaican tek every bbc ting tun roun.. wtf is wrong with these ppl, yuh caaw pree dat as a batty man ting. unno need fi emancipate unno self from mental slavery ….. respect beenie man for all the good works over the years

  17. Buju dropped a banger "ganja man" track, and people not even paying much attention to that.
    I say that to say, our meds is on a different level as of late…

  18. What's the population In Africa?
    The population of Hispanics: Puerto Rican, Mexican, a whole lot more etc.
    Following America's population/hip hop etc.?
    Our problem is we love watch other people and what they're doing.
    You can't expect dancehall artist to stream, or do the same as the others.
    You might say once upon a time that use to happen.
    Who here don't miss as what they call it "the good old days".?
    I'm not saying it can't be done either, but people ever ago talk fawt!
    Big up Up Top Boss that say "owna lane"!…. 🤦‍♂️

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