On OAP That Lashed Tiwa Savage, 2baba Asks Yoko B to Apologise, On Chima & Juliet Mgborokukwe

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  1. Blast Mecksoncrown …..Your No 1 Fan on Team Crown its the most stupid and wrong thing for two adult couples to bring their fight into Social Media please my dear what are this people thinking when they both got married in the first place .. This is what am talking about about all this couples of 22th Century, Because 96 percent of all this marriages was not build on the Foundation of Love but was build on the Foundation of money and Firm …. Like Ladies will say I can't marry a man that is still building up his life .. Now is wetin rich and famous married they course ..Bless you Mecksoncrown for your updates ..

  2. 2baba song amaka , and Yoko b song amaka there is a big difference Yoko b, just looking for 2baba trouble, i beg you in the name of God 2baba please just forget about what matter🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. I don’t understand why will a man hits a woman…..I’m so confused women should be respected because they are very important in our lives…any man who hit a woman he should be jailed

  4. That statement she made on tiwa is very rude and childish as for yemi let her know she's just bragging and no one in industry is even comparing one or two with her so make them chill

  5. stfup u this stupid guy…casting judgement on a lady going through tough times…is it ur business if she chose to let the world knw abt her issues

  6. how can you married to someone you just know for 3 week 👎🏾all because of money,lady 🙏go for true love not for money ❤️

  7. yes d two song ar totally different just d name;
    and did is not d first time dat name will b d same but different song(like jeje 4 reekado nd falz ) dey ar totally different too just d name

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