One-week-old baby girl loses her earlobe after being pierced by her mother – YabaLeftOnline

The post of a tweep on the microblogging platform X has caused outrage among netizens who have taken to the comment section to share their opinions.

The user had shared images of what became of a baby girl’s earlobes after her mother pierced her ear when she was one week old.

Sharing multiple pictures of the baby’s ear he attached a caption that read; “this makes me SO mad! her mom got her ears pierced at ONE week old.”

The baby’s earlobe appeared white and had split into halves in the picture due to the earring she had on her ears.

While some condemned the mother for piercing her daughter’s ears at such an early stage, others revealed that the piercing wasn’t properly taken care of.

Below are some of the comments,

@nashababi:  There’s nothing wrong with getting them done that early. She just wasn’t cleaning them and she should have. That’s the issue here…..

@vit0Genovese:  This is caused by the mother not properly maintaining the piercing. You can tell by the residue on the earrings

@montimoomoo:  They weren’t even properly taken care of or done and now she has to live without part of her ear wtf

@MoneyshotX:  First mistake not waiting until 3-4 months like most ppl second is aftercare. Some people shouldn’t be parents

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