“ONYKEA (BABY)” by Burna Boy dance choreography by Dexter Carr

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There are SO MANY INCREDIBLE DANCERS IN THIS CLASS! Make sure you watch every group! I have been noticing some comments asking me to tag every dancer in the video…. & while I would LOVE to do that, I don’t know everyones instagram haha. Some of these are new students, people that come from other cities or countries, OR I don’t get a chance to ask them many questions after class is over. If you do recognize a dancer in the video feel FREE to shout them out in the comments. Love y’all.. Make sure you catch me EVERY Tuesday at PLAYGROUND LA 8:00​​​​​P! Also make sure you watch all the groups! Everybody is killin it!


Song: “Onyeka (Baby)” – Burna Boy
Choreography by: Dexter Carr
Location: Playground LA
Filmed by: Artefakt



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  1. Dexter's choreo on point as usual!… BUT this song is horrible! I'd get off the dance floor if this played to go pee then come back and tear it up on the next song.

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