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Overwatch has a new map in Kanezaka, new Shimada, Genji and Hanzo Lore, and, a hint at a new Overwatch 2 hero? Blizzconline / Blizzcon 2021 is coming up, and this new map lore teaser seems to be following up on Jeff Kaplan’s Developer Update teaser on Kanezaka having Overwatch 2 teases! Here’s my analysis – timecodes in description to skip around!


Loads of cool Overwatch lore and world building in this Kanezaka letter – detailing the trials and tribulations of the Yamagami swordmaster and swordsmith family! So, who’s the mysterious daughter, and who is attacking the Hashimoto gang? HMMM. Big thinks 🙂

What do you think – has to be a tease for a new hero in Overwatch 2, doesn’t it? “Shimada sister”/another Ninja has been a very popular hero speculation and ask for an Overwatch new hero – could this Blizzard’s way of doing it? Do let me know in the comments! 🙂



0:49 – Overwatch Kanezaka Lore Teaser – Asa and Toshiro Yamagami!

4:33 – 9 – Overwatch Lore Details – New Dates – Genji’s Time in Overwatch?

7:19 – 8 – The Clans of Overwatch’s Japan – Shimada Lore and the Hashimoto Clan.

9:12 – A Fox/Kitsune Ninja Hero Teaser? The Yamagami’s Daughter – analysis and speculation!

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FULL OVERWATCH SERIES PLAYLIST (For More Hero interactions, lore and voicelines!)





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  1. Well well well! Overwatch 2 Teasers ahoy, ahead of Blizzcon Online / Blizzconline 2021 coming up next month! Do you think it's a new hero teaser? Let me know your thoughts in the comments – seems that the Gameinformer spot from Blizzcon 2019 may well be on the money!

    Channel update video and plans for this year incoming in the next week or so. Thanks for the patience, hope you and yours are safe and well 🙂


  2. I'm hoping for a new cinematic when Blizzcon comes around, cause it definitely looks like that's what they're planning along with Overwatch 2 update.

  3. Great video as always Hammeh. I can't keep up with the different Overwatch lore bits in the different medias (I wish they added all the relevant lore to the game itself; like in the main menu).
    Your voice sounds a bit strained and very…choppy in this one though. Everything alright?

  4. I'd almost forgotten that the next teasers for OW2 are less than a month away. It gives me something new to obsess over that I've been missing ever since Season 2 of The Mandalorian finished.

  5. Everyone is talking about Asa as a possible hero, but I don't see that. I feel like they were too deliberately mysterious about the daughter for Asa to be the hero that they're teasing. Also, I understand why people want another character to be either tank or support. However, if you're making another melee support, we risk having another Brig situation. I wasn't too pissed about that, but I know a lot of people were and somehow (years later) still are. Then, I don't really think a swordswoman would work that well as a tank. I can't imagine what would make her tanky in any way shape or form. I fear she'd end up being another Hammond. A character that's kind of a tank in name only, but doesn't actually really spend a lot of time tanking for the team. I don't know. I understand why people don't want to just get more dps, but I think I'd rather have a new DPS character than a support or tank that's just not great in that role. how many games have you lost because of a Wrecking Ball that has no clue what he's doing? I have no clue what to do with Wrecking Ball and I know I'm not the only one. It's not like it's impossible to be useful with him, but it's high skill level and he is not useful in the same way as any of the other tanks. There aren't a lot of support characters, but I like what they've done with the support characters. I feel like they are all unique and interesting. Seems they had real thought and effort put into them. I say, don't just give us more supports for the sake of giving us more supports. Give us GOOD supports. Same goes for tanks.

  6. Worried about any melee character gameplay wise, it's always a thing. Fun lore though. Good to see more follow up to Dragons so many years ago

  7. just remember y’all, Asa is the mom, the lady writing the letter!
    it’s more likely that the new character would be her daughter

  8. I have a feeling Asa won’t be the hero (or at least not the official hero name), since that name is one letter away from being Ana… idk it seems weird to me they would have two heroes with such similar games, especially from call outs/competitive perspective

  9. A part of me wonders if this hero could launch before OW2 as the game itself has clearly been delayed further than intended. One of the devs said last year that they had thought of adding another hero after Echo but said it wasnt too likely as it would delay the release of OW2. But now that OW2 is delayed anyway, maybe they will give us a hero to keep us interested

  10. If Asa is Hanzo and Genji's master, I can't imagine how she felt when she heard their fight and ended up with Hanzo 'killing' Genji

  11. Well… let’s see…
    1. If she trained hanzo and Genji that means that she’s at least in her 40’s or 50’s.
    2. She will have extremely interesting dialogue interactions with Hanzo and Genji.
    3. I wonder how she will be a part of the story mode.

  12. i haven’t played in awhile but i did see this yesterday on their IG story, i unsubscribed from a lot of OW channels i used to keep up with but it’s nice to still hear from you

    if there’s one thing about OW that didn’t annoy me; it was the lore. When OW2 releases i’ll get back to playing to but in the meantime i’ll stay a retired vet, the game these days is too toxic. At least the sequel will have a story mode

  13. My guess? Asa is a tank that will be released alongside OverWatch 2, and her daughter is the kitsune vigilante who is sabotaging the hashimoto and will be a hero placed on the ptr after BlizzcONLINE, who is a support whos bread and butter is dive. It'd also be neat if Genji felt a great deal of guilt from his dismantling of the Shimada allowing the far more aggressive Hashimoto to take control of Japan

  14. There's a Paladins hero called IO who has a spirit fox of her own and is a healer. Haven't personally played the game, but its possible the characters might be similar!

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